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Accept other people's opinion when they say they support another candidate

In a lot of comment sections I've noticed that whenever somebody comes out as a Romney or Cain supporter a lot of Ron Paul supporters instinctively goes on the offensive and start calling those candidates frauds, neocons, bought etc.

IMO this is a good way to turn people off. Pissing people off and being rude to them is not gonna convince them to have a second look at Ron Paul. In fact it might motivate them to not do so.

So my advice to Ron Paul supporters is that it's better to simply accept that supporters of other candidates have a different opinion. If they want to engage in a discussion, then it can absolutely be appropriate to point legitimate flaws with "their" candidate.

But calling people out and start attacking their candidate just because they mention who they're gonna vote for is not gonna help Ron Paul, it's better to just let it slide.

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At the Georgia Straw Poll...

I spent much more time with two guys, one who supported Herman Cain and the other who supported Newt Gingrich, than I spent with any Ron Paul supporter. With these two, I didn't even mention Ron Paul, I simply pointed out to one that Cain was a former officer with the Federal Reserve and had spoken out against an audit. With the other, when the vote came in and Gingrich came in fourth, I explained to him that Gingrich lost because he had offended the base right off and it is nearly impossible to recover when that happens. Neither guy was offended and we all left on friendly terms. However, they both knew I supported Ron Paul because of the button I was wearing.

I usually ask them 'why do you support x?'

Then I realize that only Ron Paul supporters have actually looked into the candidates positions and voting record. All the mainstream media candidate supporters only know the most very basic superficial facts of who they support. Mostly I see people completely apathetic of politics and they just want vote for their favorite red team/blue team candidate as described by the tel-lies-vision.

ps. I'm starting to see more and more RP2012 bumper stickers on cars out there. I have yet to see any other 2012 candidates on bumper stickers.

agree with Mohusk...

...I personally NEVER treat somebody who supports ANY of the WAR (all of them!!) candidates as if they are even human.

Why?? They aren't!!

And other people don't treat Ron Paul supporters as if they're

And other people don't treat Ron Paul supporters as if they're human because they're "crazy".

Ever heard anybody say that?

Ever get tired of hearing that?

Ever wish that people didn't just dismiss what isn't familiar to them and we're a little more open minded?

If you're answer to this is yes, then I suggest you start by looking at the man in the mirror, together we can make the world a better place.

well said.

well said.


When a Hitler Youth comes to your door looking for donations and asking your son to join up - just let them know that you have a difference of opinion and you are happy they are being productive and involved, at least....

Please - Treating the Sheeple as if they are somehow on the same philosophical or moral plane as myself makes me sick. If they are a Neocon - they need to know they are really Communists. If they are Cain supporters, they need to know we are aware that he is a fraud and that he works for an international banking cartel desperate to turn the US into a third-world nation. Not saying be abrasive, necessarily - but never back down! We are right!

I'm not saying there isn't a way to do it tactfully. I try not to resort to name calling if at all possible. But, there is a way to educated them about the history of the Neocons. There is a way to show them you know about the Federal Reserve and the danger it poses. But, if pointing out the truth about their candidate, even if namecalling and just basically telling them "Neocons suck camel *%$..", causes a reaction - then at least they know we are passionate about truth.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

This is exactly what I'm talking about

Acting like you're somehow better or stand above other people because you support another candidate is in my opinion pretty disgusting.

And on top of that it's incredibly immature.

Wise people don't try to shove their opinion down people's throats, they don't present their own opinion as "higher" than everybody else's.

Your attitude is reflective of the attitude of cult member. Your depiction of other people "sheeple" is a perfect illustration of this.

If you're seriously interested in ever finding out what is "right", or what the "truth" is I suggest you start listening to people instead of dismissing anyone who doesn't agree with you as "sheeple". Just a friendly piece of advice.

I don’t believe saying that

I don’t believe saying that someone has the attitude of a "cult member" is a "friendly piece of advice." I would suggest that the point you are trying to get across also applies to yourself.