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Its "Dr. Ron Paul" to you.

Ernie Hancock -- "I always get asked by those in the media, why do you Ron Paul people call him "Dr. Paul" and not "Congressman Paul"?

Answer: "Because we don't want to insult the man".

And I might add to that, ...."this is not about Ron Paul the man, its not a personality cult, its about the wise principled positions that Dr. Paul has articulated. So we are not "Ron Paul People" we are the last American Patriots and we are fighting for a freer America than there ever was. We are fighting for an America that rises up and makes the accomplishments of the 20th pale compared to what we are about to bring. We are fighting to make America the Silicon Valley of Freedom to the world. We are fighting to make America New Again, shinny and new and vibrant and alive again. In the 1900's, any film footage of New York City should the hustle and energy of a new America to come. We are fighting to make sure that She rises up again, more unbelievable than before. We are talking life spans extended by 50 years, we are talking about abundance for everyone that would make the Rockefellers envious. We are talking about super intelligent computers, marvelously quick and safe transportation. We are talking about an America that you cannot yet imagine. While you are just now realizing that your government has spent your last nickel, we are envisioning her bright future. While you see debt and disaster, we are seeing PURE freedom. We are seeing an America that will put the industrial revolution to shame. And most of all, we know how to get there. And its called FREEDOM. Freedom to sink or swim or fly. Freedom, freedom to dream and dream big. Freedom to grow in ways that are unforeseen, original and glorious. We know the answer to today's problems all begin with that word....freedom. So learn to love freedom, don't fear it. Embrace freedom for it will be America's future." -- Treg

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