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Get carving this weekend folks - make it a Paul'oween

I've posted this before here... and this is from last year (might not have time this year - our son is 3 weeks old today)...

Under the video on my YouTube page is a template you can use as a guide to make something similar.

A great way to promote Ron Paul!!


Happy Halloween

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Well done! I haven't graduated to 3D yet, but I did find an easier template that came out pretty well.


Here's how it turned out-

Wow... can I say shit on this forum?


You are the Michelangelo of Jack-o-lanterns !

Wow! I could never do that


I could never do that and make it come out as good as yours.

Quite impressive

I'm quite tempted to try this

I'm quite tempted to try this after seeing the template. How long did it take you?


I remember this .I think its the coolest pumpkin carving I ever saw.Extremely talented artist.Happy Halloween as well.