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(STUDY) What is the personality of a Ron Paul Supporter?

I am conducting a study of the Ron Paul Support. This is the question I wish to answer:

What is it about the personality of person that makes them receptive to Dr. Paul's message?

Basicly what is the common denominator between RP Supporters
If you would like to participate please go to:


And take the personality test. Please make sure to answer the questions with as little thought as possible. After completing the test click on the link for a description by D.Keirsey
(example below)

INTJ type description by D.Keirsey

From Now on please go to https://sites.google.com/site/ronpaulresupply/home/personali... and provide your personality type there, If you have already inputted it here I will take care of it so don't sweat it.

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The Results are In!!! For

The Results are In!!!

For Results Please go to





I guess I need to get out and run for office and get all of you Masterminds to be my advisers!


♫♫ You say you want a R[ƎVO˩]UTION ♫ Well you know ♫♫

INTJ...the wife said the

INTJ...the wife said the description fits...


intj here. seems like a lot of us who took the test.


Too. But these test are not accurate. I took the Keirsey one last week and it said Artisan.

So which one is bad, or are both unreliable?

. . . attraction to honesty.

. . . attraction to honesty. It's a rare commodity these days.

. . . attraction to honesty.

. . . attraction to honesty. It's a rare commodity these days.

INTJ and it kind of scared me...

until I learned that I was a mastermind that makes up only 1-2% of the population. haha It's crazy how well the description really gets you. I'm kind of stunned myself. Any other INTJ's out there?...can I get a whoop whoop?...maybe a INTJ club?..LOL Sorry..have to find some humor in this some where...as if mastermind and farmer Dale in the same sentence isn't funny enough...LOL

EDIT: Good to see lots of club members here on the DP...not sure what the percentages are about but here are mine...and if T is for thinking then I don't think much....sorry about that. I might be on the short bus of INTJ's. :O)

22 25 01 67

The wife is INFJ


And I'm a female ENTP which is very rare in general.

The Results are In!!! For

The Results are In!!!

For Results Please go to http://www.dailypaul.com/185245/study-results-what-is-the-pe...




I'm thinking...

INTP here... Doing my "thinking" thing.

There is no higher end than the total liberation of the human being: mind, body and spirit.





want to start a club?..

we can sit around in small groups and judge things..and make very detailed plans with lots of "outs" and options...When we get tired of that we can go sit in private and relax...haha


Thew web site you posted says I am INFP - Healer, which is in the idealist family. Then when I am ready to send you the info, you have the INFP in another category. This could cause a massive distortion in the results. BTW until this is cleared up I will not send my "results" as they would only be used to create false conclusions. Please fix asap, as currently I cannot trust any conclusion you or this experiment may point to.

Thanks alot for point out my

Thanks alot for point out my error it has been fixed.



Self-selecting bias. I don't think you can say all personalities are going to take the time to fill out the survey equally. Although, this data is better than nothing I suppose.

What's Ron Paul's

What's Ron Paul's personality?

I say INTJ (the rarest type, btw)

From the description: "INTJ's don't exude the typical 'leadership characteristics', yet, nonetheless, INTJs are prepared to lead if no one else seems up to the task, or if they see a major weakness in the current leadership."

ytc's picture

Are you "conducting a study" to better HARNESS

Ron Paul supporters?

It could make the job of the shills easier

Always good to know the right keys to minds. I hope folks are lying about their results.

How about the opposite question

What type of personality is most likely to be an unmovable socialist.

Know thy enemy.

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Unmovable socialist-ISFJ

I would say the most unmovable socialist would be an-


E's tend to be quite movable and impulsive..I's tend to brood and plan and secretely fantasize about crushing you with their socialist system.
N's tend to understand complex systems (like a free society with sound money) quite well, and S's only believe what established "authority figures" tell them. Most people are S's, most of us are N's.
T's rely on logic and reason... F's led by feeling and emotion. Conservatives always lean towards being T's, liberals F.
P's don't have preconceived biases and have alot of flexibility in their thinking. J's tend to approach the world as though it's all already been figured out...by them. They are, therefore, the hardest most stubborn people and are nearly impossible to convince.

Interestingly enough, the opposite personality of the socialist (ISFJ) is the Inventor (ENTP).

The Opposite

Since INTJ appears to be popular here then ESFP would be opposite. Rationals are popular then Artisans would be opposite.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.


ENFJ ,,, since someone is keeping track of this stuff ,,, basically it sounds like either politics or acting was suppose to be my calling card ... I was stoked until they listed good ole sack of crap abe lincoln ,, my wife wont stop poking fun at the lincoln match up ,, puke !

amazing things happen when you stand for the truth!


Sorry, but I lost the percentages.

another INTJ female

As soon as I saw Ayn Rand's photo I knew I was in the right group:)

I have already inputted it at your other site.

No.. this isn't gonna be used

No.. this isn't gonna be used against RP.

they wanna find out how they can sell you car insurance... yeah thats it!

oh come on just do the test...

i have the personality of mother teresa :( this is gonna be a sad life...

Another INTJ

I've entered my scores at the link provided.

INTJ 22 88 62 78
I wanted to point out that, with my personality type, I could support no one but Dr. Paul. I am a facts person. I study math and computer science. Theory is great, but the ability to take that theory and put it to work is the most important aspect. Arguments that are not based on hard logic hold no value in my opinion. Ideas that cannot ever work are immediately discounted. And no, I don't really care how someone "feels" about it. Besides all that, I'm not big on rules for the sake of having rules. Every rule should have a valid purpose, and there should be as few of them as possible.


I was esfj in high school.