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Little help here? Solar money bomb

I'm down to 27 hours in my fundraiser for my home solar energy system. My team of engineers and I have been working on this for ten years solid and we're ready to build our first full scale field test system. All the parts work, but our pre-sales are all pending on this field test so we have to fund that ourselves. We've cleaned out everything we have available and would hate to have to wait another year or so to do this.

The system is really pretty cool. It stores sunlight as heat and then makes whatever kind of power you need, when you need it. This means you can take nearly any house that has fair sun off the grid. Plus, as long as we don't get investors involved, we should be able to keep the price below PV panel costs.

We hope you like it.
Thnx for listening!

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I sold shares to finance software, once.


Free includes debt-free!

I agree...

I agree with what drives you, but it's unfair to label us apathetic. This site is dedicated to getting Ron Paul elected president, not redesigning the energy industry although the two kind of go hand in hand, but only through the former first not the latter.

I'm a HUGE believer in harnessing the available regional resources to provide diversified power at the lowest possible cost. Unfortunately, when government subsidizes and regulates certain industries over other industries, it distorts the market and inflates and deflates demand and prices artificially.

I'm in the architectural metal products industry and I work for a pretty good size player in the metal roofing industry and there is a huge demand for PV and solar laminates. But unfortunately the demand is only there because of government subsidies which usually don't even get paid out as promised because so many people apply and funding dries up quick. The fact remains that the technology is just not there yet with PV and solar laminates because without the subsidies, the pay off would never make sense.

If you had an idea that could revolutionize the industry, I think you'd have a lot of people throwing money your way...the company I work for would be one of them.

I'm familiar with all sorts of solar technology because we've been wanting to affiliate with a legitimate product, but still think the technology is not there yet. My personal opinion is that this is likely where the solar industry is going next: http://www.fastcompany.com/1790923/printable-solar-panels-no...

Can you elaborate on your system? It seams like a traditional concentrated solar system that is used to focus intense solar rays using strategically angled mirrors to heat some sort of target. Are you simply boiling water and using the steam to power a generator? You say no batteries, so are you suggesting on-demand energy as needed? Are you thinking completely off-grid or as a supplement to traditional grid power? Are you suggesting that the heat generated would be the power to heat air, or heat water, heat a stove, or to melt snow or are you converting the heat to electricity through thermocouples, or RTG's or some other technology?

I guess my real question is, what is the new technology that makes your idea different?

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Unfair how?

I was asking for help from a group I've spent thousands of hours with over 4+ years. The more we are dependent on the banks, the more they will oblige with cheap debt. Getting people to show the world that private business, free market and no government subsidies CAN OUTCOMPETE entrenched monopolies would do more to boost Ron Paul than anything I can think of. Especially if I get interviewed and say I just followed his principles to get there and that we don't take government subsidies at all.

You would be wrong in thinking lots of people would be throwing money my way. People can't even take the time to read what it is or how it works. It even says in the catch phrase that it's a "new Stirling engine" and a quick google of that will show you it's an actual engine that runs from nothing but heat. It's the way half of the big boys do it so it is fairly common. We just do it better because it's so scaled down for homes. Then, instead of using cooling towers to dump the waste heat, we send it to the house (you missed that it powers the barbecue too). The other half of them store their heat in molten salt because it holds so much energy cheaply and compactly.

That Stirling engine is what makes this different. It allows us to put all this together and install it for around $25k so you can go off grid or stay on, but either way you wipe out your energy bills. If you got a hydrogen kit for your car, it would even have enough excess to fill that up.

Sorry my response was so late and a bit sarcastic. I barely covered the fundraising costs by what was raised.

I can't...

I can't believe I don't remember reading the link you posted. I'm not one to critique someone without hearing them out, so I apologize. I swear I read quite a bit on the topic, but I don't know why I wouldn't have noticed that in the the tag line! Haha! The whole post didn't seem familiar to me! And if my tone sounded harsh, I apologize. I was just making the point about labeling us apathetic and the purpose of this site, but I am really interested in the concept of renewal energy and mechanics.

In all honesty, I didn't know about the sterling engine, and that is just the kind of thing I like to learn about! It seams trivial. Why isn't everyone doing it? It's a great idea. What's the biggest weakness...appearance and size? How many RPMs does it produce? How many cylinders are you using? How much power does it put out?

So you're thinking roof mount? Is there a ground mounted version? Like I mentioned, I work for a metal roofing manufacturer, and solar power is HUGE right now. I've always known all you needed was heat to make electricity, but I never knew how. I always thought of boiling water for steam. But metal roofs get EXTREMELY HOT. If you could somehow incorporate the sheet metal roof into the process (either by using the surface to reflect instead of mirrors, or use the heat from the metal panels), a company like the one I work for could get really excited. There are some HIGHLY reflective paints on the market that we could paint our metal panels with so it looks like a mirror. I guess the problem would be aiming it, but if you could tie it into metal roofing, I could pitch it to people with deep pockets. Do the mirrors track the sun?

I just don't understand why people aren't already doing this...help me understand!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


You guys do realize

that in order to get away from the current fiat monetary system and actually make changes stick, that we have to stop supporting the banking system and the mega-corporations that both buy their legal rights to wield their power over us.

Don't you?

I do and I really figured this group to understand that too. Now, what do ya say? Oh, you want more reasons?

How about less foreign oil dependence resulting in less wars.
How about less personal dependence on fossil fuels which are both increasingly expensive and about to get taxed by a new global power structure?
How about less CO2 emissions because even if you don't believe the science, cutting emissions will cut the spin from both sides?
How about just saving people money on their energy bills?
How about cleaning up the regular pollution that's killing 20,000 people per year?
How about reducing the environmental damage caused by clear-cutting forests, cutting mountain tops off, waste tailings in rivers, nuclear dangers and species extinction?
How about helping home values rise again without a bubble?
How about bringing back tons of jobs (up to 1,200 per 6 county LOCAL area in 6-12 months)?
How about just supporting the free market solutions to any or all of these problems without government grants, subsidies, welfare programs like LIHEAP or any other assistance?

Do I really need to go on?

I can understand no donations but

no comments... not even a +1?

I hate apathy