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MOVIE: Why We Fight.

I'm on my phone. Its so difficult to cut and paste for a decent post. Mrs. K is running for Congress. She can win with our help. Please watch the video and post the links in the comments so I can complete this thread. We need allies and Mrs. K stands heads and shoulders above the status quo.


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Nicholson. Thanks for posting

Nicholson. Thanks for posting this. I think this documentary is the best one I've seen on militarism.

Full version

Anyone have the full version? Can you link to it here?

This is a link to it. It

This is a link to it. It would be pretty cool if Michael embedded it on the front page for a "weekend watching," actually. Here you go: http://tinyurl.com/6gx5d6

watch sputnik, the fog of

watch sputnik, the fog of war, and other documentaries. you might get a sense of underlying influence.

hope for the best

Saw this a while back

Really good stuff. Don't remember Common & D'Angelo though, only makes it better.