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Contest Idea: How Would you Celebrate a Win in Iowa? (Prize Offered!)

If RP wins or places 2nd in Iowa, how are you folks going to celebrate? Personally, it might be fun to go online and buy a whole bunch of loose monopoly money (from the game), and then have a bonfire and roast some hot dogs over it. I'd put it up on youtube with a couple comments on Fiat currency. :) If many people had different, short individual videos and shared their video to your Facebook friends, it would be a way to promote RP to your own facebook friends. Any creative ideas?

Maybe we could have a contest:

Post something you (or a team) would do in celebration of an Iowa victory, which, if made into a short video, could help educate newcomers - your friends and family - on the cause of liberty thru Facebook etc.

If there's enough interest, I'll set up a video submission contest, and I'd be willing to put up prize for the best video:

a Ron Paul Silver! :)

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I would most likely

paint my toenails orange, shave half my head, burn my knee caps with an iron, and scream at the top of my lungs before I puke all over my own crotch. I assume that is what I would do (maybe yellow on the toes)


I have one bottle remaining ...

of Ron Paul cola from 2008 that I have been saving just for this purpose!


I would probably just have a few drinks of good old American made Jack Daniels on ice.

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