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Santorums God complex

This is the mentality that has always bothered me about many Christians (or at least those who associate themselves with Christianity and/or the Christian faith).

That is, that the state, and those who represent it, are Gods agents, and to question its necessity (the states) or the actions of its agents is considered blasphemous.

Since when is the state or its agents God?


Santorum is a sick, disturbed, delusional psychopath by definition and he wants to be president? No thanks!

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Satan Quotes Scripture Quite Effectively

Just because you call yourself a "Christian" doesn't mean you have God's approval for everything you say and do.

The fact is, identifying yourself as a Christian is good politics, and while I am not in a moral position to judge Santorum's or any particular person's faith, there are undoubtedly more than a few in public life whose public proclamations of faith are used just to promote their political careers.