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Progressive Response to Ron Paul's budget

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should depend not just on the desire to end the wars but on what prospects we consider likely for the world and national economy. Do we think things will just hum along about like now, rejecting the doomsayers because they are almost always wrong, or do we contemplate the stresses and civil unrest in the Eurozone, see how dramatically the US debt has grown, and conclude that we are headed for very tough times in the next few years?

Note that Ron Paul predicts the latter and was correct when he called out the collapse of the housing market several years before it happened.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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Thanks for introducing this thoughtful article to us, P4P!

"Obama's budget will spend at least 600 Bill more on militarism." . . . on "fake defense and fake security".

On SS and other entitlement programs: "Let's not pretend that we are going to get a better deal under Obama."

Thanks for the level-headed realistic assessment of Ron P's budget plan.

I find it hard to figure this

I find it hard to figure this out. If you are supporting Ron Paul then you are no longer a "progressive" correct?
Ron Paul is no progressive. So is this the point where people realize that they were wrong in their liberal ways and are just to tight in the head or to proud to admit they were wrong?

Many progressives respect Ron

Many progressives respect Ron Paul and I think more will be voting for him this time than last. Ron Paul is above all that phony liberal/conservative crap and unites a lot of people. In fact the new dichotomy in politics wil not be liberals and conservatives but rather libertarians against authoritaians and many progressives (not all obviously) dislike authoritatianism.

If you...

...read my blog, you will see that I remain a progressive and never make the claim the Ron Paul is. This is not what I want to do but what I feel I have to do due to the fact that the current administration cannot or will not do what is needed to build a peaceful green economy, which begins by tearing down the military industrial catastrophe to free up the funds necessary for that new economy. Are you a progressive or a libertarian?

So that I understand...

...and because I have asked this question on that progressive bastion RawStory many times and never received an answer (much to my chagrin)...what the hell IS a progressive? What is it that you want from society and more importantly and specifically, the Federal Government? What is it about your world view that enables you to continue to believe that a Federal Government is responsible and much more importantly....capable of providing you with whatever will be on your list?

Until I understand how you see yourself, and because I have yet to receive a full definition of the popular self-visage, I'll not be able to understand your ultimate designs...which hopefully you'd care if I agreed with.

While I welcome your support of Dr. Paul as the lesser evil, I am a bit stupefied that you, having had to do some real soul searching to get here...just like the rest of us (many of us Bush voters), have not adopted a new and realistic view of yourself, your government and what is right and wrong about the initiation of force. By now, you must have learned about money. You HAVE to have read Creature and watched a few video's on money and monetary policy...right? Any thoughts on fixing that? Any thoughts on were the government largesse has been coming from?

Of course that statement above relies upon assumptions I have about your desires in the Progressive States of America, but I'd be happy to change those assumptions if someone would tell me what exactly it is that they believe...especially given that any and all requirements in your world would give power to people with guns to force me into your scheme. I may agree with some. I dunno. Enlighten me. Really. I'd like to see your America so I can understand.

That we agree that using guns and trading FRN's and our children's blood for cheap foreign oil is something worthy of fighting against together, I want to know who is on my flank and what happens when the guys in front of us are vanquished and the ammo cans are still well stocked. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Dr. Paul and our country the Pavlovian States of America where salivation is just another news report away...

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


I suppose you might find all sorts of definitions but here's how I understand it:

Progressivism is the political philosophy which advocates the advancement of economies and governments of, for and by the people which moves society toward greater freedom, dignity and respect for all human beings.

Progressivism usually advocates a flexible mixed economy which means that both government and the private market are required for making this progress. It also usually assumes that revolutions do not happen overnight and that taking small steps is better than taking no steps at all.

This would mean practically that when the private sector is unable or unwilling to create enough sustainable, safe and reasonably well paying jobs for everyone who wants to work, democratic government (not corporate sponsored government) is obligated to intervene with funding of projects which promote the general (not selective) well being of society. Such projects usually include the building, maintenance and modernization of education, transportation, communication and public health and safety, particularly in terms of infrastructure.

Progressivism recognizes that the implementation of such projects usually involves local, state, regional and national cooperation with the national level usually best suited for funding, the more local levels usually best suited to the directing the details, and private contractors usually best suited to carry out the actual hands on work.

Progressivism also recognizes the need for cooperation to care for the environment and its natural resources, making these resources as widely and safely available as possible. Progressivism does not want to eliminate private ownership of property but rather to promote the use of private property in ways that benefit and protect human beings who do not own as much, if any, property.

Progressivism also aims at allowing all individuals and groups the right to think, believe, speak, write, express and advocate whatever they wish without fear of governmental suppression and with a reasonable amount of access to public means of communication.

Progressivism usually assumes that community is necessary for individuality and that communities thrive best when they promote the freedom and empowerment of all individuals within that community.

Hope this is helpful. Mine is just my definition; other progressives may define this political philosophy differently.

Many libertarian

idea align with liberalism and others align with conservatism. It isn't a far stretch to interpret some of Dr.Paul's ideas as being progressive. His anti-war stance, in particular, has appeal across the political spectrum. About 1/2 the folks who voted for RP in the '08 primaries identified themselves as liberals.


We are the true liberals

...in the classical (original) meaning of the label.

Austro-libertarianism is the closest thing to classical liberalism that I can find. Just a more advanced understanding of economics, thanks to Menger, von Mises, Rothbard, et al.

It's odd ... the conservative platform (that is, the stuff they PRETEND to believe in but abandon at the drop of a cowboy hat) is actually closer to classical liberalism than the modern day liberal platform. That's why Ron Paul went Republican ... because he could say, "hey, just look at the things you claim you support and you'll see that I'm the closest thing you've got to a true conservative."

So, next time any of you wanna have a little fun with a neo-con, just remind them that 200 years ago they'd probably be called a liberal. They'll just love hearing that. heh

Work for pay, pay for freedom
Fuck 'em all, we don't need 'em

Once we hear

Ron Paul's message of liberty and freedom, there is no turning back, freedom is popular!!!! Thanks for all your hard work on trying to swing it to the only hope for our country!!!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!