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Ask your congressman to endorse Ron Paul

So I was reading Daily Paul yesterday and saw some postings about a congressman in NC who recently endorsed Ron Paul, as well as an effort to get an endorsement from Jim Demint. Then I had this thought, we should all seek our respective congressman's endorsement for Dr. Paul. Will most of them refuse, certainly. Perhaps even all of them. But there is a chance, especially if, say, the 44,000 people who donated to Ron Paul all contacted their congressman and asked for this that we might get even one or two more. So here is the message that I sent to my congressman, Patrick McHenry:

Dear Congressman McHenry,

As an unaffiliated voter, I have supported you in your campaigns to run as our representative to the United States Congress, even issuing an official statement of support during your most recent run in 2010. I have done so because I believe that Washington needs principled individuals who hold a strong adherence to the United States Constitution. As I am sure you are well aware, we are at a critical juncture in our nation's history. Our national debt grows at an astronomical rate that is simply incomprehensible to most people. Our government spends 60% more money than it takes in. Clearly this is an unsustainable path that will lead our nation to a terrible place if we do not quickly and drastically change course. Only one presidential candidate has offered an economic plan that does this, and it is your colleague, Congressman Ron Paul. It is because of this that I am sending you this message, to ask for your official endorsement of Ron Paul as he seeks the highest office in the land. Ron Paul is the only candidate to have received a grade 'A' regarding the Constitutionality of his answers during the most recent Republican presidential debate from Vision Forum Ministries (http://adv.visionforum.com/email/2011/10/20_reportcard/repor...). I realize that this may be a huge career risk for you as Ron Paul is not the popular 'establishment' choice for the Republican nominee, however he is the only choice that will put us on a path to greater liberty, and undo the terrible damage that our addiction to spending has caused and will continue to cause if we do not change course. Ron Paul is up against a lot of opposition and needs principled people to stand behind him and sound the call to return to a form of government that is closer to what our founders envisioned. I ask now that you take this bold stand and give us a fighting chance of putting someone in the White House that will finally move this nation closer to what our founders envisioned. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Dear Shelly Berkley...LMFAO

Dear Shelly Berkley...LMFAO

To cor2879

We're in the same district. I should tell you this..those in this county who support McHenry do NOT support Ron Paul. They are torn between Romney and Cain. And last year I met a few of McHenry's 'people' and they are major Romney butt kissers..and thats putting it as nice as I can.

I was tossed me off the Republican county website cause I support RP. People here have even told me if it comes down to Ron Paul or Obama..they'll either stay home and wont vote..or..they'll turn coat and vote Obama.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

I figured as much

My eyes weren't really opened regarding McHenry until he voted to extend the Patriot Act in early 2010. However I was trying to be nice in this message. I was pretty sure my request would fall on deaf ears but wanted to try it anyway. Honestly I am hoping that a Liberty candidate is on the ballot in the Republican primary so we can replace McHenry.

Do You

You mind if i use parts of your message in a letter to my congressmen?

Not at all

That's why I posted it :-)

It's a good idea

First, please do not give your congressman any reason to doubt, saying things that you understand... or huge career risk? Off the point.

Your post made me think though, this week Obama said he would by pass congress and Ron Paul would not by pass congress. Under Obama why do we even have congresspeople?

Let's cut the budget and remove congresspeople or vote/endorce support Ron Paul and keep your job (although at a reduced rate).