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Update: Ron Paul Dominates NFRA Iowa Straw Poll - 10/29

Ron Paul wins both tallies at GOP pres. straw poll in Iowa
October 29th, 2011 04:00 PM ET

Ron Paul @ NFRA
The National Federation of Republican Assemblies is having a “presidential preference convention” in Des Moines today.
Read more: http://okhenderson.com/2011/10/29/ron-paul-nfra/

Ron Paul targets terrorists ... inside U.S. government
'I fear erosion of our liberties, economy more than any foreign adversary'
Read more: http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=361829#ixzz1cCFoCOZU

Paul presses campaign themes before mass audience exit Read more:


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Results of straw polls

I checked all of the straw poll results and this is what I found.
Romney come in first in 3 and second in 7.
Cain come in first in 9 and second in 5.
Paul come in first in 14 and second in 4
Bauchman come in first in 1.
Newt had zero first places.
There have been a total of 34 straw polls.

But still the main stream news media and I include Fox will hardly give the man honorable mentions. And if they do interview him it is only to try and slam dunk the man. I hope they keep it up because it will get them in the end.

Poll Count?

Is there a site that maintains a running count of the Polls won and the vote counts of each?

Wiki keeps a tally. Also has

Wiki keeps a tally. Also has future polls.


We cannot afford to fail to elect Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's whole 30 year career has been focused on the restoration of America's Liberty.

Since 1913 with the creation of the FED/IRS Complex, Americans have gradually been losing their freedoms. We have become a nation oppressed under debt slavery & tax bondage.

In case you haven't noticed the rate of loss has been accelerating. The last act of those in power in a collapsing empire is to loot the treasury. It's text book tyranny.

These falling empires also venture into more pre-emptive invasons and foreign wars to rally the people behind the government.

When the people revolt because of high prices, high unemployment and inflation, the government cracks down with force to subdue the people.

Ron Paul's sole purpose for entering politics 30 years ago was the fear that we were losing our republic and our Constitution would be cast aside. He had a thriving medical practice and a growing family that he enjoyed.

This is not a game. The small group of private banksters who own the private Federal Reserve banking monopoly are ruthless. They are not going to give Americans any quarter.

This election is the point of no return.

We cannot afford to elect anymore duplicitous liars and would-be tyrants who protect the FED/IRS Complex.

We cannot afford to elect anybody other than an astute, consistant and honest statesman.

We cannot afford to fail to elect Ron Paul.


What frustrates me is that the stellar grass-roots support that Dr. Paul's campaign receives does not seem to be matched by the campaign's strategy. That is not to say anything negative about the good Dr. in any way, only that my observations of the way the campaign is run (from way outside mind you) leave me wondering if they are able to think as tacticians instead of firemen.

We all can recall the heady Nov 7th bomb last season and I think that we all wish for a day like that again. Since that day, there have been other successful money-bombs that have added substantially to the campaign's bank account, and I am certain that the campaign is exceedingly grateful for all of that support.

What bothers me though is that while the campaign is happy to accept and use the $, it does not seem to have figured out a solid strategy to maximize on the grass-root's ability to fund-raise. I commented in the "Black This Out" post that the campaign always seems to have a "Wow! Look at all this money! Now what do we do with it" kind of reaction. It just appears that they have not yet figured out how to harness the strength of the loyal Ron Paul supporters to ensure a steady stream of donations.

As I've been thinking over this conundrum, the thought occurs to me that the problem may simply be that the campaign strategists don't really have a plan that provides a clear understanding of their needed cash-flow. While I hate to think that way about anyone associated with Dr. Paul, I see no alternative explanation. The campaign touts an $8,000,000 quarter while Romney raises 30 million. Does the RP staff think $8M can compete against $30M in Ad buys? It's wishful thinking at best.

I would start with a series of questions for the campaign.
What is the strategy for WINNING?
Do you need to run ads in ever contestable state?
How many ads do you need to run?
How many ads per day/week/month are necessary to embed Dr. Paul into people's mind?

Let's say that the answers to all of those questions helped create a strategy of buying 7-8 Million dollars worth of ads per month. Develop the strategy and tell the grass-roots how much it will cost.

I have no doubt that RP supporters can find creative and wonderful ways to raise 8-10Million dollars per month. It is certainly conceivable that 100,000 supporters (the same number of unique donors last quarter) could pledge $100/month and raise $10 Million every single month until they max out or the campaign is victorious. It is entirely in the realm of possibility for that to happen. However, there is no incentive for this because the campaign does not say to the community;

"Hey guys we have a plan, the plan will cost 10 Million per month, can you help us out?"

I have already contacted someone in the NH campaign about this idea and hopefully he will be able to champion the cause through that chain, but I thought that posting to the forum might generate some comments and perhaps could catch the eye of someone at the campaign headquarters.

I encourage debate of this idea. Especially if it can be refined and turned into a strategy for success. Never let it be said that I didn't do everything in my power to put the RIGHT man in office.


it's not as bad as it looks

Ron's $8MM vs Romboid's $30MM

the other candidates use nearly half of what the raise to pay for raising it.

then they have to pay for 'research' so they know what their 'position' is on a given issue.

and - in general, Ron Paul is far better at managing money than any of the others.

Whether RP raises 8mm and Romboid raises 30mm - they both end up with about 8mm to use.

Crappy photo, of course.

Typical of the MSM to use unflattering photos of Ron when they run a story involving him.

SteveMT's picture

Finally on Drudge, but below Cain/Romney newspaper poll.


This is still an uphill battle of inaccurate reporting and getting the real truth out there.

Drudge has posted quite a few RP headlines

I've been happy with as much exposure he has given RP, considering how influential Drudge is.


First is having enough ADVERTISING POWER to counter the MSM's negativity toward RON.
Second is having enough influence locally to protect the voting integrity of the machines.


Boots on the ground can only do so much. The ARROGANCE of the elitist 2 party one monster head is beneath contempt, but they know or still BELIEVE that the winner will be in the one who has the most money to advertise the sheeple.

FOCUSING ON EARLY STATES with as much money as we have is CRUCIAL, and I do see the campaign succeeding in this tactical strategy. The campaign needs to use it all in those states, THEN, do more "emergency fundraising", as needed beyond that. It's the only way, as I see it.

The RINOS have it mostly controlled at the CAUCUSES & PRIMARIES, because they have the numbers on their side. WE are newbies & the numbers aren't there.....yet.

Ron Paul is countering a LOT OF WHAT THE MSM has done to him, ONLY BECAUSE THEY REALIZE HE WAS RIGHT & ALSO BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE PUBLIC IS GETTING FED UP WITH THE UNFAIRNESS OF EVERYTHING &.......ONLY BECAUSE they are selfishly USING HIS IDEAS to beat OBUMMER. Of course, at the highest RINO levels, they don't care if their candidate wins or not, because all they care about is the 2 headed monster, in other words, the "STATE" stays in power! The PEON RINOS at the local & state levels haven't a clue what's going on, as far as the 2headed monster goes.

We know, because we have interacted with them. They are as BRAINWASHED as ever by the elites into thinking this is a "game", when it isn't. Getting through to them is extremely difficult, BECAUSE they are brainwashed. All we can do is try & KEEP SPREADING BY WORD OF MOUTH.

I also have suggested BEFORE that we do a NATIONWIDE AWARENESS BILBOARD CAMPAIGN through all our meet-up groups, but NOBODY WENT WITH THIS IDEA.....I believe it would and could have INCREASED SUPPORT FOR DR. PAUL. Why nobody at the campaign level feels that cars driving by billboards for 30 days is NOT effective is beyond me. NOONE on this website even followed up with comments on my idea.


You are correct on one thing and that is we have to roll the dice right out of the shoot, and go all in on those first states. If we do good there then we have staying power and if we have staying power we will get a ton of money from there on in.

Found this comment with the msnbc article about the straw poll

It gives a run down of straw poll results over the past several months. I thought it was worth repeating:


CPAC straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 30% Paul, 23% Romney. (3,742 participants)

- New Hampshire Young Republicans straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 45% Paul, 10% Romney, 8% Perry. (302 participants )

- Iowa GOP straw poll: Ron Paul 2nd: 27% Paul, 28% Bachmann (only 200 more votes than Paul). (17,000 participants , $30/each)

- California GOP straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 50% Paul, 29% Perry, 8% Romney. (833 participants)

- Values Voters summit GOP straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 37% Paul, 23% Cain, 16% Santorum. (3,400 participants )

- Ohio GOP straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 53% Paul, 25% Cain, 8% Romney. (428 participants, $25/each)

- Iowa NFRA straw poll: Ron Paul wins: 82% Paul, 14% Cain. (430 participants)


Listen, you guys

There seems to be either straight up confusion or misinformation here.

Some people seem to not understand the difference between the Des Moine Register poll released yesterday, and the completely unrelated Straw Poll.

Paul is third at 12% in the Des Moine Register Poll. Romney and Cain are tied at first with 23 and 22%.

Paul won the Straw Poll yesterday, yes, but the decision of the NFRA to pick a candidate to endorse is open only to NFRA members, who are old people who like Rick Santorum.

Paul won the straw poll because of his large attendance from his supporters, but his supporters were not delegates eligible to select him. He did not convince all the old, neo-con people to swing his way. Hence, he did not win the endorsement.

Please read stuff and understand whats' going on before you jump to conclusions. Sheesh.


So the "old people" selected a candidate that had gotten a 1% vote in there own straw poll a few hours earlier, and did not select a candidate that got 82% of this same starw poll? Seems to me these NFRA memebers are out of touch with their own selves!

More lies from the MSM

Here is Fox's headline this morning:

Texas Rep. Ron Paul finished third in the poll on 12 percent, while no other contender polled more than 10 percent.


Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

That's a different poll.

That's a scientific poll, via telephone.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

"Scientific poll, via

"Scientific poll, via telephone" - that's funny.

Home phone landline polling is anything but scientific, it's archaic and does not represent a fair cross section of America.

Who still has a home phone? Your parents and grandparents....55 and older.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

NBC now saying Herman Cain WON the straw poll.

This is the difference between the internet and TV. The Supreme Court has ruled that boadcast news is purely entertainment and the broadcaster has the freedom to report anything with a few exceptions. Also remember that because you caught the MSM lying to you today is to rationalize they have ALWAYS lied to you.

they are reporting a phone poll

and not reporting on the straw poll

MSN this morning

on their front page, linked to this article claiming Romney and Cain were ahead of Paul in Iowa. Am I missing something here, or is this outright disinformation, lying, or whatever you might call it?


Can you update!!!! Santorum gets the NFRA

Santorum Endorsed By 'Nation's Oldest & Largest' GOP Volunteer Group


Honestly, here's how I look

Honestly, here's how I look at and use the straw polls. To me, straw polls are simply a show of dedication of supporters in the area, thus plus a trial run for voting season (especially for states with caucuses). But they are by no means an indicator of who will win, anymore than the "random" polls which results are espoused so often as showing us who the front runner is. So I use straw polls to counter the claims that Ron Paul has no chance to win (based on polls). "Well he's a distant third or fourth" is countered with a, "Well he consistently wins straw polls, at times even by double digits". So really I try to make fun of the whole straw poll, randomly called poll stuff. I usually ask if they've ever voted in a straw poll or have ever been called for the other polls, and people say no almost without exception. Then I ask if they've known anyone who has gone or was called, and again it's no almost without exception. So then I ask why we really care about something that no one even knows who's view is being expressed, and usually just a very small (hundreds of people) percentage of the voters at large, and instead focus on what and who we think, here right now, should win.

To me it's all about making it personal and in the moment, making them feel like they matter, that their opinion matters, and that they could be the supporter who turns the area into Ron Paul land. Don't focus of the entire country, or even state. Win the county first, I say. And people can relate to that. People can grasp and imagine winning their local area. You start to act like they have to win the country and they start tuning out. Keep the polls, straw or otherwise, out of it as fast as you can and I think you'll see an uptick in your percentage of converts. I figure I have a lot of issues to hit them up with, and I just need to find one that resonates with them and push that button again and again until they give in and commit. My Uncle and I have raised over a thousand dollars in very small donations ($5-$25) and usually can even get people to agree to a car magnet or yard sign with their commitment by doing this. We focus more on apathetic and disenfranchised voters, half of whom have never voted, and we find more success and passion than wasting time trying to convince already decided voters. Besides, it's far easier to get people involved who otherwise wouldn't care, and they have a lot more energy and passion about them then others tend to be. You just have to turn their engine on!

This was way too long and rambling, sorry.

Phone bank.

One to one conversation. It is the best way to reach the people.

not "real" numbers

I do get the point of Cain also buying and "handing" out tickets, and having some left...my question is how many of those 82 % were actual Iowans?

Having loyal followers is great, but if that's how these straw polls are done, isn't it creating a misleading picture of the actual support out there?

If the objective is to project Ron Paul as leading, so that undecided/voting for the leading candidate people will vote for him ok. But getting excited about these numbers that don't mean anything if it's just followers moving after Paul and voting.
Ok it also gives Ron Paul a moral boost/support to see a full house all the time, yes psychological warfare. But isn't the main objective to "convert" people, not preach to the (already )converted?

you have to be from the state to vote

The reason Ron Paul is doing so well in straw polls is because he has the strongest grassroots support out of all the candidates. People aren't following him around to vote in these... they live in the area.

Of course, the lamestream

Of course, the lamestream media doesn't print a word of it, instead preferring to publicize the Des Moines Register poll and writes "Cain, Romney leading". Educate them in the comments section


I never let my schooling interfere with my education - Mark Twain

As impressive as this win was

As impressive as this win was I was truly inspired by the number of Ron Paul supporters who stuck around after the vote to attend an hour long Caucus Training event. There were literally more Ron Paul supporters at the training than people who stuck around to listen to Newt (on video) or Santorum and Mrs. Perry live. I think Ron Paul supporters have learned a lot since 2008 and these Straw Polls are serving well as "dry runs" for caucus night.

How does winning over 80% of votes become 12%?

I don't understand how Ron Paul can win 82% of votes cast in the Iowa Straw Poll today, and be reported as only having won 12% behind Romney and Cain.

Another thing: I understand FL is being "punished" by the national GOP for moving its primary date to January, so now Florida is losing half its delegates. Who selects which delegates are being lost, and how is it being selected? I see that two other states are also losing half their delegates.

I do believe there are three or four others that will lose half

their delegates as well..Way to go Florida...

New Hampshire, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Iowa stand to lose half of their delegates according to the GOP Chairman..


I think this actually helps

I think this actually helps us anyhow. With Florida losing half of it's delegates and that being Ron Pauls weakest early voting state it will help to lessen the blow should he finish fourth as currently projected. Same with Michigan and him being a projected third right now. With those two bigger states losing half, it keeps them much more in line with Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina where Ron is projected to finish in the top three of all of them. I have not seen the projections for Arizona yet, but he did well there in '07 so judging from that I think he'll likely be a top three there as well. So while I think it was stupid for my state of Michigan to decide to lose half it's delegates just to move up one freaking week and still be almost two months into the voting, it may end up being a blessing in disguise. I do think that there is no doubt that the earlier voting hurts us more than other campaigns based on our steady rise, but oh well, such is life. I look at it as the weather will be crappy and so hopefully our overall dedication will prove to yield a higher percentage of our supporters turning out than other campaigns.