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Illinois Straw Poll Voting . NOW

I just voted and hope my fellow Illinoisans do the same. Here is the link to the IL Republican Straw Poll site:


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It was worth the $5 bucks..


I don't like that you go through it all and finally get your verified receipt for the "donation", but it doesn't verify that you indeed got counted as a vote for Ron Paul.

Which to me is MORE important. No matter who you are voting for.


I'll get my family to vote also.

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Voted. I imagine he'll


I imagine he'll clobber this poll. Who else has supporters willing to spend money to vote for their candidate?

Also, I'm super very sad that RP is speaking less than two miles from my house, and my two options for tickets are $500 and $1000. What is this, a Romney fundraiser? Bah.

I understand... Illinois hasn't exactly been very critical in recent Republican election history. Hopefully he'll at least drop by a University or something on his way through.

You never know, he might be talking somewhere nearby

seems like they are usually doing a fundraiser in conjunction with something else (i.e. a talk at UNLV after the Las Vegas debate corresponded with a fundraising dinner the night before the debate). keep checking the campaign website. Youth for Ron Paul might be trying to set something up at a local university.

Just Voted

I Thought today was THE day. It looks like online voting goes through NEXT Saturday. When will we know the outcome?

After 7 PM on the 5th.

After 7 PM on the 5th.


this has to be on the front page

don't forget about RP being in IL


This has to be re posted everyday, to remind people.

Im on youtube looking up Ron Paul illinois videos and replying to Ron Paul comments from people that appear to be from illinois.

copy and paste it too
Online Illinois straw poll has started illinoisstrawpollDOTcom

Do you think if Thad Mccotter

Do you think if Thad Mccotter wins that he'll be the new flavor of the month?



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