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Alabama straw poll Ron Paul 45% Cain 50.7%. So close


Herman Cain was the sole candidate to address the several hundred activists, during a campaign swing through the state, but it still seemed as if he were daring to stick his hand into the lion’s teeth of the Ron Paul movement. “Our economy is on life support,’’ Mr. Cain said during his standard speech, “and the reason this economy is on life support …’’

“Federal Reserve!’’ a woman shouted. There was a burst of applause and a sea of “Ron Paul” blue signs were waved in the air........

It will be noted that in one obscure straw poll on Saturday, in a Southern state with no traditional role in the choosing of a presidential nominee, Herman Cain won 50.7 percent of the 347 votes cast. Ron Paul came in second with 45 percent.

HILARIOUS Ron Paul Supporters In Alabama wont Let Cain Ignore the FED

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Alabama is my home state, and

Alabama is my home state, and this is so painful to say but, too many of the folks there are still in love with W. It never ceases to amaze me how year after year, they put up with phony Republicans only to be snookered by the likes of someone like Cain. I also believe that White Alabamians are sometimes too eager to prove that they aren't racist, and supporting Cain allows them to do just that. Alabama Repubs, like other Southern Repubs are still too wedded to the neocon wing of the Repub party, but the irony is that they really don't understand that. I mean, they support a strong national defense, and typically support Israel, but they are tired of the endless wars as well. But Dr. Paul might just be too "radical" for most of them. I am so grateful to my fellow Alabamians who were there to support our efforts. How is the Paul campaign faring on the University of Alabama campus? At Auburn? I am surprised that Paul is not more highly supported at Auburn, given that Mises Institute is there.

Looks like there were a lot

Looks like there were a lot of Ron Paul protest votes cause you all were acting like assholes. :)

We don't want people to hate due to the actions of supporters.

For the record....

While I didn't boo Cain, I'd say 75% of Ron Paul voters did participate. Kinda made me sad.

"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my opinion, stating the

In my opinion, stating the truth is not being an a**hole. People are sick of being lied to, and the outrage is beginning to show. It isn't about Ron Paul... its about Cain being a Fed insider.

He needs to be held accountable, and the patriots in Alabama are not afraid to do so.

Just stop

This We're right and You're wrong attitude is despicable, it will never win Ron Paul any votes.

But I already saw it on the news.

Not a peep about Ron Pauls overwhelming victory in Iowa.

Just because.

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small victory for the chairman

i hate to see chairman vermin cain win anything, but i'm glad that this time it was a very small poll. only 347 total votes, so it's not something cain can boast too much about.
it's quite strange that 2 candidates received over 95% of all votes.
after cain released those pathetic disgusting ads, it astonishes me that ANYONE still wants to vote for him. don't people care about the issues these days??


If we can frame the debate

If we can frame the debate between Cain and Paul as the frontrunners, this would do very well for us.

I was there, and...

The video shows the *Best* part of Cain's speech...about 1/3rd in when another RP supporter interjected the Fed into Cain's rhetorical question.

Yes, he was booed going on stage, and yes, the crowd really was that evenly split among the two groups. The difference? Ron Paul supporters almost all wore shirts - myself included.

"Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


I also cast a ballot for Dr. Paul today at the straw poll. Today energized me so much. So glad to see such a huge Ron Paul presence turn out in Tuscaloosa.

I am currently uploading John Killian's speech for Ron. Powerful!


Most of the pics in the media do not show the "whole picture". Most of them are heavily cropped. Does anyone have pictures or video uploaded yet?

Faux News

I just heard on Fox News that Cain ran away with this straw poll. They were making such a big deal over it. Ron wins them all the time and they are never even reported.

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Ron Paul and Cain get a combined 95.7% of all votes cast.

Where did the others go?

Results from 347 votes

Cain 50.7 % (calculates to 176 votes)
Paul 45 % (Calculates to 156 votes)

Gingrich (5 votes), Rick Perry (5 votes), Mitt Romney (3), Gary Johnson (1 vote), Rick Santorum (1 votes).

Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman were also included on the ballot, but did not receive any votes.

347 total votes cast in the poll

Since the

article gives number of votes for the remainder of the candidates, instead of percentages, I guess the results would be thus:
Out of 347 votes cast:
Cain 176 (50.7%)
Paul 156 (45%)
Newt 5
Perry 5
Mitt 3
Johnson 1
Santorum 1
Bachmann 0
Huntsman 0

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the video in the article with Cain speaking

cracked me up! thank you for posting.

End the Fed!

Great job, Alabama. Too bad

Great job, Alabama. Too bad they left some room for the media to distort Cain's win by not mentioning any of the specifics about the results.

Im watching Fox

No mention of Paul yet. They even talked about Cain needing to win Iowa. It's so biased its funny.