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Landline Polling Data Vs. Online Polling Data - Has Your Cell Phone Rang Yet?

The big national polling agencies are ignoring us.

Has anyone here been contacted by a national polling agency?

Has anyone here on the DP been contacted to participate in a poll about the republican nomination?

I have not been contacted. Most of us have cell phones, right? How many millions of people have ditched their home phones for a cell phone?

In a recent poll, Ron was in third place...BUT NOT a single person under the age of 55 was polled!

Is this the norm for Zogby, Rasmussen, etc.? Do ALL of the big national polling agencies get their data strictly from citizens with land lines only?

I do not think the national polls are fixed....but they do not represent a fair cross section of American voters.

America is composed of more than just Baby Boomers and Senior citizens, and the online polling results reflect that demographic fact.

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Been a registered Republican

for many years. Have had ONLY a cell phone for 12 years. NEVER been polled. My sister, has land line only, is polled quite often. I am 57.