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herman cain?

can you guys tell me all the flipflopping,bad, and ect about herman?

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Cain On Patriot Act

From The Atlantic
"Is there anything in the PATRIOT Act that bothers you, that you'd want to see reversed, or are you pretty much okay with that legislation?

I think that the PATRIOT Act is about 90 percent right on. I can't delineate to you exactly what I would want to change, but here again I would rather error on the side of caution and protection, rather than worry about that ten percent that I might have a problem with. Perfect legislation doesn't exist. But I'm happy with legislation that's 90 percent right on especially if it's going to protect the people."

Daily Paul post:

Worst is support of TARP

In my opinion, the worst is that he supported TARP....and STILL does. That should bring on automatic hatred by any "tea partier."



On Cain

He endorsed Mitt Romney in 2008*
He supported TARP
He can't name a single program or agency to cut or eliminate
He wants to implement a brand new federal tax, the national sales tax
He opposes the FED audit
He said the economy was healthy in late 2007 and early 2008

*makes you wonder why he is running since his guy is in the race with a ton of money!





thanks your awesome!