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Ron Paul wins 82 percent in Iowa straw poll, Neocons pick Sanatarium

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Huntman now Top-tier

Huntsman ties with Romney. I'll check with Fucx News but I guess this means Huntsman is now top-tier.

I am so mad about this. I can

I am so mad about this. I can hardly speak.

im in a bad mood right now,

im in a bad mood right now, so I will forego what I was going to write. Instead...

I am going to pray that they get smacked upside the head with some common sense.


not too happy myself, right now. I just used that energy to leave a rather lengthy reply at WND--if it opens one person's eyes, if it makes one person research Paul further, then I consider it a success. If nothing else, I burned off some of that anger...

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So, the Faux Snooze headline...

...will no doubt be "Cain't wins Alabama, Sanatarium endorsed by Iowa."


A Big

Bleepity Bleep Bleep bleep