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Ideas to generate interest in Ron Paul

I have been looking for ways to ease strangers into talking about politics and trying to gently push them towards doing some research themselves. I had one idea where people came up to me to talk to me instead of me hunting people down. I had a garage sale and everywhere I put a sign for the garage sale I added the Ron Paul garage sale. It was pretty cool I got some Ron Paul supporters but also a lot of people asking me who Ron Paul was and I was able to dive right into the topics and educate them a bit. At the same time I made about 150 bucks going towards his campaign. So If anyone is having a garage or sidewalk sale I encourage you to do the same. I had some pretty good results and was able to spread the message even if it was just to a few people.
I have also changed my wireless ssid to RonPaul2012 I live in a fairly large city so I know my neighbors are seeing that almost everyday. It might not do any good if you live in a rural area or the suburbs but if you have a lot of neighbors it's one more place to plaster Ron's name.

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Love your Ron Paul garage sale idea. Im going to do it too.

Just watched these on youtube. Worth a look
Ron paul poetry

ron paul haloween pumpkin (use a stencil)