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Record Number of GOP Candidates on NH Ballot

Thirty Republicans have filed to run for president in New Hampshire, beating the old record of 25 candidates in 1992.


Does it hurt or help Ron Paul?

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Did you see the last guy on

Did you see the last guy on the list there? The dem candidate "Vermin Supreme". Could you imagine a "President Supreme" ? haha

I think it helps RP's chances. The more diluting the better. His supporters ain't gonna change on a whim, many people there may take information given to them and decide on the day.

Helps- for sure

by diluting the establishment vote... I am confident that once you go Ron Paul, you never go back. It can only help to take votes from Romney and Cain.

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I agree....I can't

I agree....I can't wait....the more the merrier for our guy! :) RON PAUL 2012!