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Video Update: Lew Rockwell on FreedomWatch


Via Twitter:

Would a third party run by @RonPaul be the final nail in the coffin of the GOP? Lew Rockwell on FreedomWatch 8PM ET on Fox Business

Should be interesting.

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A Cobra helicopter flew over my property

the other day. We are out here in nowheresville. To have this military helicopter flying pretty low over our fields was very unnerving, since I do not trust the military, and who knows what the F that trespassing was about.

Seeing this video was both refreshing (Lew Rockwell does not mince words, thank God), and horrifying. Much as I hate the lies of the media, there is some comfort in their version of the fairy tale: the terrorists are only in other countries or from other countries.

Truth is, we have no rational basis for expecting protection of any sort from this government. It is utterly lawless, secretive, psychopathic, and there is no accountability any more.

I've said it before and I'll

I've said it before and I'll say it again. To save the Republican party, we must destroy the Republican party.

Looks like it never happened. But they did cover an important


Perhaps you should edit your post to reflect reality.

DAMN!! Lew went Paleo not

DAMN!! Lew went Paleo not too long ago and he's lost a TON of weight. Way to go man! For any of you who aren't yet unchained from the evil USDA's heart disease and obesity inducing food guide pyramid, check out Gary Taubes and www.marksdailyapple.com to opt out of statist food propaganda forever!!

Judge also, it seems to me. Looking good guys!

Looking good guys!

Free includes debt-free!

We are borrowing money and paying interest for 'toys for cops?'

Grinds teeth, kicks cat then thinks,

"Will we see an up-tick in the Skeet Shooting industry? Pull!"

Free includes debt-free!

The Revolution will not stop.

Don't do that. The revolution will not stop if Ron Paul doesn't get elected. It will get more intense.

The comment I gave above was

The comment I gave above was supposed to be in reply to someones remark about leaving the country if Ron Paul isn't elected - just in case you were wondering why is said "Don't do that".

OK, but we don't even have someone to take Ron's place

Who can fill his shoes?

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

Rand Paul...secret weapon

Rand Paul...secret weapon number one.

Ron Paul isn't going to die

Ron Paul isn't going to die IF he is not elected. He will be around for a while. But it is a good idea to start considering who would carry the mantle. Some leaders that have the same consistency and philosophy should start asserting themselves now. Rand Paul seems to be a logical one to continue on - what I've seen of him in the Senate is impressive. Not quite as bold as his father yet, but give him a few years in the Senate and I'm sure he will become more bold.

Want the link?

How bad? Whaddya gimme for it? Beg me, go ahead, beg.

OK that's enough begging.


Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Thank you Smudge for the

Thank you Smudge for the link. Very interesting.

Thanks for posting... I was waiting for it.

But Lew and the Judge decided to talk about the drone war, not Ron Paul's campaign.

Wonder why.

There using the .....

f-word more and they should, but not associating it with REP.

I wonder why. Is this plausible?

You think maybe Lew or Judge called Ron to ask about the third party thing? Would Dr. Paul place our liberties before his campaign? "Lew, you have to address the people's rights! This drone business is unacceptable!"

I am making this all up, of course.

Free includes debt-free!

Is Dailypaul.com getting Hijacked?

Seeing how this came up yesterday and now today I think I could be just paranoid but I am beginning to think something suspicious is going on. The mainstream media has asked Ron Paul the same question redundantly in 2008 and redundantly in 2011 and now WE are asking the question... Yet we have no experience on how running as a 3rd Party Candidate impacts the Presidential campaigns and debates... But Ron Paul has alot of experience and he always gives the same answer when this question is brought up... And his answer will always be NO he has no intentions of running as a Third Party candidate, and I agree with him because what mainstream competition (within 3rd party) will be there for Ron Paul to challenge if he were to run as 3rd party? How would he get heard? Back in 2008 I did not hear much from Ralph Nader I rarely saw him on TV, but I DID see Ron Paul fighting the good fight at the Republican debates! That in itself was an investment to the start of the RP Revolution....

I just fear the day when the Mainstream media has on their headlines "Paul Supporters want Ron Paul to run as a Third Party Candidate"

Letting fear be our guide?

I disagree that we should modify our conversation on the basis of what the media is saying and how it will react. I don't watch TV, and frankly I don't think anyone should watch the MSM news, since it is OBVIOUSLY controlled propaganda. Those liars are not the boss of me.

There is more to the issue of a 3rd party run than this, and we should be able to explore it, if only to get things clear in our own minds. In this case, I think the push for censorship runs contrary to the essence of what our movement is about. We've lost enough freedom to the government. Let's not forfeit any more.

You have a talent for Mincing words

No I am not saying that we should modify our conversation based on what the Media says, I am saying that this issue keeps coming up yet we know what Ron Paul's answer is currently and we know that he has had the experience running as a 3rd party candidate. Instead of continuously bringing this up everyday, why not be supportive of his answer, that is No plans for running as a 3rd Party? Right now there is absolutely no competition within the 3rd Party, how do you expect him to get heard when there is no debates no polling in the 3rd Party? Who would he poll against?

Your more than welcome to talk about a possible 3rd Party run, but I don't think now is a good time because the Mainstream Media is desperate for anything that they can get on Ron Paul. And they WANT Ron Paul to run as a 3rd Party to silence him. I would rather not see them get anything then see on the Headlines "Paul supporters discuss Ron Paul running as a 3rd Party Candidate" or "Is Ron Paul running as a 3rd Party?" and the many variations. I say we just support his answer.

As soon as this corrupt system (Mainstream Media, Government, Corporations) is changed hopefully by the election of Ron Paul then there will be alot more room to talk about a 3rd party run.

It would be nice if we could

It would be nice if we could have a vote for banning third party posts until we get through the major primary states. After Paul WINS Iowa ... then it'll be clear there's never going to be a time for us to discuss the third party option.

"A true competitor wants their opponent at their best." Lao Tzu

Perhaps but there's another explanation

There was a huge rift that opened when a great portion of the movement decided to support Dr. Paul. This rift has never closed.

For one thing, there were tons of left-libertarians before then. Not so much now, we isolated and mostly disenfranchised them from the movement. For another thing, the LPUS and folks who put in years of hard work trying to counter the partisan system got shut out. For another thing, the purists and agorists haven't stopped telling us we're fools for playing the partisan game or engaging in mainstream politics atall.

And you really can't cut these elements out of the movement with a knife because you are talking to some of the foundational people and concepts that make us what we are "toady". These elements will continue to assert themselves. Ron Paul isn't the movement, he's it's current avatar.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Probably. But the leadership

Probably. But the leadership of the Republican Party would rather fall on its sword than allow a presidential candidate who would change the status quo. Winning elections is nice, but the GOP leadership, like the Democrat leadership is expected to guarantee that the American people really have no choice in the election. Regardless of which party wins, nothing really changes.

greg - you are 100% right

greg - you are 100% right and not sure why more people don't get it yet. of course, we should keep trying to change the party base and they are listening to him. even people who say they won't vote for him like him and listen to him and learn from him. of course, the gop candidates they choose have 0% political will to change anything and hence they get media coverage.

but the shadow republican leadership has a 0% chance of changing ever, they are too evil and it is just in them. and that is who decides the elections and who gets press coverage and if they are protected from things not being revealed in their background or covered up.

rp recently said in a speech that "this country neeeds to stop lying to itself."


Fools ! Pat Buchanan Spent Most of His Money Trying Just To

Get Ballot Access. Ron Paul is no Ross Perot Or Donald Trump. He has no real wealth outside of a few retirement investments which he will not use anyway.

You can't get access, you can't get into the debates. The political process in biased against any third party runs..

Just Stop it. It is not going to happen..He would get slaughterd and laughed at and mocked.

You people are crazy. You have no understanding. You function with too much emotion in this regard.

Why don't you get him elected as a republican first. All this talk is really a waste of good energy.

Ron Paul will never, ever run as an independent..or third party libertarian. He learned that lesson in 88'

I will wager a few hundred dollars that he will not run as a third party candidate?

Get out and campaign for Ron Paul for the GOP nomination and win it for him, ok?

If Ron Paul ran as an independent

he would go way up in my estimation. Standing around with the rest of the clown car that is the GOP field is demeaning to him and his cause. Both parties are a farce and anyone who plays along is farcical. If Ron Paul ran as an Independent there would be a lot of the #occupy folks ready to support him.

A third party CANNOT win...

...it is impossible! Learn your history.

We need to change on of the parties from inside out. It is the ONLY option.

tea party were unsuccessful in changing gop

if tea party was unsuccessful in changing gop and in fact have ended up merging in with establishment like bachmann, then how do you expect another group to change the gop leadership - i mean do you really think you can change bush and cheney?

yes, recent history has shown it is difficult for 3rd party as system locks out opponents who are not status quo. but history also showns the gop and dem leadership and some of its base just get more and more evil and misguided as time goes on.



this is the only way



Ron needs to keep everybody guessing

The greatest Teacher who ever lived once said: "Don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing". That is some excellent advice!

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."