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Ron Paul: "We keep plugging along" ~10/31/11 Interview

as he keeps his optimism on the Jason Lewis Show. And...another question about 3rd party run!



(thanks YTer Fermion5)

Podcast Summary:

"Congressman Ron Paul spoke with syndicated radio host Jason Lewis on Monday about the campaign for President (and the possibility of a 3rd party run), US foreign policy, and some of the technicalities involved with a gold standard. 12-18 months ago, Lewis used to spend significant portions of his broadcast defending the positions of Ron Paul. It's an odd case- Lewis is a libertarian-leaning conservative, who is against the empire. But, he won't support Dr. Paul for President because he doesn't like us (Ron's supporters)! I will be posting some additional audio from his show in the next couple days, to demonstrate."

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YT above


In it to win it

Contemplating 3rd party run = counterproductive
Republican Nomination Win = Presidency :)


I like RP's great attitude and perseverance.