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Cain's Respect

Herman Cain recently responded to some of Ron Paul supports, saying, "just be respectful." I believe it gave us Ron Paul supporters a bad rep. I'm not saying we should stop heckling Cain. We should explain our point. Cain a former Federal Reserve Director is responsible as much as the Fed for the mass that we are in today. We Ron Paul supporters are suppose to be bounded by morals and ethics. Yet when the Fed prints money and devalue our currency it is justified? When trillions are spent they have the right to keep it a secret? When billions and trillions are missing no one gets blame? And they want our respect?

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I won't pretend.

to respect someone that I have nothing but disdain for. I find him completely disingenuous. If he's not going to say anything why should I pretend to listen to him speak.

If you're ever alone with the

If you're ever alone with the guy, by all means, tell him to go fuck himself. But while others are watching and listening, be respectful. In a very real way, you are a representative of Ron Paul.