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The end of Rick Perry. Is he drunk or high?

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I would say he got drunk. I

I would say he got drunk. I just can't picture him tokin' it. At one point he was acting like Charles Manson. Think back to the interview Geraldo did with Manson(mid to late 80's). At one point Manson started doing a freak dance(ala Vito and the Freakers(see MondoHollywood for reference). Perry was expressing the similar mannerisms in this video. Looks like he did go to Bohemian Grove.

Like Mc Cain he mentions

Chavez as the target of America's problem. This is the neo con plan of the future.



"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

If it minces like a duck

When people came forward early in the Perry campaign saying Perry frequented a drag queen club in Key West, I was skeptical. But after seeing this video, I am no longer skeptical. He downright looked like Paul Lynde out there.

The problem with our election process is the fact that

Many Americans think that for someone to "win" the nomination they have to win debates, look good and give great speeches. People don't even realize that looking INTO the plans and actually finding out the SPECIFICS is what makes one candidate different from each other.

There are plenty of folks who would be GREAT at a certain job but would do a terrible job trying to "audition" for it like what you have to do when running for public office.

I think there are many here who might believe the same thing. You would love to run for local, state or federal office but maybe don't like the PUBLIC part of the job especially watching as they dig up dirt on everyone as best they can.

Who wants that?

It shouldn't be put together like jersey shore. Have the plans, have them give their speeches, have the public vote and call it a day. Why does it matter who slept with who and what someones daughter did with some guy yada yada yada.

Peoples business should remain theirs and until it would affect the JOB then leave em to their own business.

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First let me say I can't

First let me say I can't stand that witch. She is such a patronizing biatch. She always couches things as if her opinion and perception actually shapes all of public perception. This Rick Perry speech doesn't seem as bad as she is hyping it to be. He actually seemed more human to me here. I think his weird voice has been a detriment in all his appearances, but his mannerisms and giddiness in this actually make him appear more likeable. The lady doth protest too much and she doesn't know sh*t about anything. Ironically, it is her mannerisms with the cutesy body language and sneering that make her repugnant; and just like Perry she is giddy and thinks she nailed it.

Rick Perry is a loveable drunk.

He is George W. Bush relapsing.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

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rick perry doesn't want to be president...

i'm gonna give him that, that's how i'm gonna see this

if this is his out, let him take it

some men may, ultimately, see the "light" and get out of a situation where they realize that they would be selling out their own humankind to keep amassing BILLIONS of dollars (see clinton, gore, bush, obama, et al, ad nauseum)

so, lets give him credit for bowing out like this

he'll never be asked to stand in the spotlight again, i think he wants that

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Go away Rachell...


Perry lost his chance when people found out he used executive power to try and make the gardasil Vaccine mandatory after it had murdered and maimed girls.

Have Ron Paul on your show, and talk about important issues.

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
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Painfully self-conscious.

And obviously wilting. Next!

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels


He is on pills probably ecstasy ... you act like this on it. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


thats what i thought

I think he is....

taking the pot.

I apologize for my fellow DPers

and their lack of humor. I thought it was funny...


pot makes you smarter, on pot you can walk through your day in detail within your thoughts, and can contemplate what to do in case of a similar situation, in far greater detail than just thinking of the physical action, you form hypotheses on the ripple effect of every action.its pretty useful

well thats what it does for me, and perry hes hooked on a much more addicting and evil substance. MONEY. He's such an addict he can't make sense of what he is doing, in his pursuit of another high the high of all highs THE BIG PRESIDENTIAL BUCKS. lol

Anyway peace and prosperity to all, Ron Paul is all we need and Rick perry is not on weed he's on Greed

everyone's reaction is different my friend..

my mom can smoke herb and work all day and love it...I can't do shit unless I'm in Jamaica smoking out, but then how hard is it to walk down a beach looking for crabby patties and cold beer? However I do agree that you can work through some difficult issues and come up with some brilliant "out of the box"..or out of the bong..ideas. Most of my better planning and ideas have come while just relaxing and doing some deep thought...

The only problem is that I usually forget to bring my notepad and truly believe that I will remember it all in the morning. I normally remember most of the important stuff...but way later down the road when I get a case of deja vu. Still...I wouldn't be nearly as efficient in getting my overall plans together if it wasn't for the herb, even with the short term memory loss and de-motivational factors. The whole rule for me is that I am a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a MIDNIGHT TOKER....seems like I've heard that somewhere.. :O)

I respect and appreciate your response,

Here is the way i see it, The spark is the high. All it takes to light a fire is a spark, right? But thats is not all it takes to sustain an ember and transform it into a fire..

In other words the high can inspire but cannot create, if you are of the personality that is not assertive all of the inspiration sent your way through either weed or sobriety will not effect your output of innovation. because the muse is not the creator, and vise versa.

Remember when Gore debated Bush...

and he dis his best to emulate Reagan? He got his hair done like Reagan, he spoke like Reagan, and even bobbled his head side to side like Reagan? That's what this video reminded me of. Perry's crappy (possibly drunken) impersonation of Reagan. I like the drunken Perry much more than the Hitler Perry though-much more personable, but pretty goofy.


I barely learned about this video today.

I haven't laughed this hard in a while!


This is way worse than Howard

This is way worse than Howard Dean's famous scream and that pretty much ended his presidential bid.


Rick Perry is obviously high on something in this video.

His train of thought is bringing him on tangents that he finds so funny he can barely spit them out.

He's probably high on the marijuana.

I doubt that's a weed high...

I think it makes people more inhibited and less likely to show off to a crowd.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Holy Crap! There's a bug in the house!

Where you been my friend???? Should have known you would come out with everyone talking about "the marijuana". :O) Where you at these days? I might be coming your way soon...

This Is the Kiss of Death for Perry

I don't care for Maddow either but I watched versions of this speech yesterday before seeing Maddow's take on it and I came to the same conclusion that I see that she has.

This will kill him because he sounds too much like George Bush, to the extreme. George Bush even made Republicans cringe sometimes with some of the stuff he said. Not many Republicans are going to want another guy up there who they have to be embarrassed for with his speaking blunders and the way he comes across as stupid.

Just play some of this stuff and the initial reaction will be "Oh no, not another stupid George Bush". That's it in a nutshell. Like Maddow said, the clip speaks for itself. You really don't have to put any kind of spin on it.

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My dad said he acted like George Bush

We were watching tv and my dad said he sounded like George Bush dressed like Mitt Romney. I was waiting for Perry to start dancing with the African drum band like Bush did after Perry got his maple syrup.

Thomas M. Gallion

That maple syrup moment

was incredible.

Heck, maybe he just LOVES !!!! maple syrup.


I was expecting Rick to be slurring words and falling over with all the seriousness maddow. I think she is just bashing him because he looked comfortable with his crowd and was having a good time. exaggerate much? She's been praying for another George Bush who was a real easy target. Maddow and Olbermann got their cult following bashing Bush. Unfortunately they showed their Hypocrisy as soon as they started carrying water for Obama.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

He's drunk.

Everyone knows you don't do stupid sh** when you're high.

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Without looking, neither.

When you are fully absorbed by the NWO, you become a mindless, brain-dead, zombie. He has become an empty suit, a Borg.