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Herman Cain's Dirty Laundry List (SHARE)

Other mentionables:
Bankrupting employee pensions at Aquila and getting sued for it.
Endorsing Alan Greenspan architect of the Real Estate Bubble.
Funneling individual donations to his company to purchase his book.
Breaking FEC laws on allowing a non profit to use funds for political purposes.
Dismissing the 08 downturn of the economy.
Endorsing a stock during the downtown that lost 80% of its value.
Donated to Mitt Romney's 08 campaign.
Was against the flat tax before he was for it (1 year later).
Altered his "tax" plan to allow for hedge funds to make more.
Wants a gradual 23% unconstitutional national sales tax.


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represented Whirlpool at a Security & Peace Partnership (North American Union) summit in Canada in 2007; he was a lobbyist for a restaurant PAC; he supported TARP; he supports the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act, etc. The link below is fairly thorough on Herman Cain's dirty laundry:

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Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Is Herman Cain taking Scandal from Bad to Worse?

Great article just out! Be sure to vote in the poll whether this will hurt his campaign in the long run. I won't spoil the surprise for you! :)


Add to list:

• Herman Cain's 999 tax plan is revenue neutral, no tax-revenue will be lost, no spending will be cut, and the burden will be shifted from the wealthy to the middle-class
• Cain: 9-6-9 for managers of private equity funds, 9-9-9 for everyone else
• Herman Cain’s deep ties to Koch brothers key to campaign
• Bloomberg investigation alleges Koch subsidiaries paid bribes, sold to Iran (illegal trade)

More at: http://www.dailypaul.com/183247

Don't forget about his

Don't forget about his blatant flip-flop away from the Constitution with the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki. First he believed al-Awlaki deserved a trial, then he fully supported his assassination without an indictment or any form of due process.

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Adding this to my list

I did a post with my own list yesterday, but will update with these goodies:


I totally dodged the whole sexual harassment scandal, that's obviously where the Elite want to focus. Think about the Clarence Thomas parallels, he's just like Clarence Thomas the neocons will cry. I focus on him being a lobbyist, someone who works in Washington to get breaks and subsidies for big restaurant corporations. An insider posing as an outsider. Nice.

Check this out

Herman Cain's trends are slumping


here's his contrast to ron

here's his contrast to ron paul

cain & paul

Gingrich is the last hope for the Establishment

I don't think it will work, as the news cycle, is getting shorter and shorter. Ron will take Iowa, we have a very good chance for an "upset" victory in NH over Romney and then watch out :^)

I think more attention should be drawn to his own writings.

"Don't Be VAT Stupid" By Herman Cain

What happened between November 2010 and this summer (a few months ago) to change his mind from opposition of a national sales tax to embracing 9-9-9 ?



this should be included in the next RON PAUL TV ad.


chairman cain: "The worst idea is a proposed national sales tax". ( written less than one year ago )


How does he know which way is up

he spends 23 out of 24 hours a flipping and a flopping

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

Watch out: All this focus on Cain helps Romney.

I wouldn't be surprised if Romney weren't behind all this.
Remember, John McCain's campaign was "dead in the water" until Fred Thompson showed up. Thompson briefly "grabbed the limelight," then opted out, endorsing McCain. If Cain suspends his campaign over this, he will do the same.

Just intereting info

Romans 4:17 says that "the God who gives life to the dead and calls all things that are not as though they were."

I found this interesting to: "We should also establish that this practice can work against us if we are calling for things that are not Gods will but the enemys. As a matter of fact, the world seem addicted to calling for disaster."

Just thought I would point out that focusing on anyone can expand them and help them to grow. I like what Ron Paul has to say about what his plans are to run as a Republican for the President of the United States.

He is applying for the job and I for one think we should hire him and focus on seeinghim in the oval office and winningall of these primaries. 54% in iowa the first one and then he is getting 49% in Newhampshire. and nevada by a landslide at 63%. It is all doable and all we have to do is visualize it speak about it and go to work on it.

Romney is not a threat to us.

Romney is not a threat to us. Actually, neither is Cain, but not enough people realize that yet.

Prosperity USA cash may breach federal campaign tax laws

Originally posted by AxisOFgood from this article (by Daniel Bice)...needless to say it isn't getting any msm attention

"Prosperity USA was owned and run by Wisconsin political operatives Mark Block and Linda Hansen, Cain's current chief of staff and deputy chief of staff, respectively."

Michael Maistelman, a Wisconsin campaign attorney (snip)

"The number of questionable and possibly illegal transactions conducted on behalf of Herman Cain is staggering," said Maistelman, a Democrat who has represented politicians from both parties on campaign issues."

" He is best known in the state for his role as campaign manager for former state Supreme Court Justice Jon Wilcox in 1997. Accused of election law violations, Block settled the case by agreeing to pay a $15,000 fine and to stay out of Wisconsin politics for three years."

read entire article here:

I personally see his campaign as DOA after this and the next

financial scandal start s to be exposed. Maybe I'm wrong, look at Obama's associations from Bill Aires to Rev. Wright, but the difference is the media did not bring these to light until after he was elected. I do see Cain having an issue with white women voters at this point, and do not think his numbers will make it through the next debate.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

This is a ploy to boost Cain.

Look at all the so called conservative talk show hosts rallying around Cain. They don't want him gone for some reason. Probably because they sense the weakness of Romney and Perry up against Obama. They think an older black man might just take Obama to the woodshed. That's probably true, but they're discounting every aspect of Cain's faulty plans. It's almost like, "hey, let's grab Cain, he's the best flavor of the month". They're still scrambling to prop somebody up rather than Ron Paul.

alan laney

A 23% national sales tax?

That didn't take long, went from 9% to 23%?

Neal Boortz was Cain's talk show mentor

So since Boortz was a huge Fair Tax advocate, Cain was too for years.

Then when the presidential race came around, Cain came up with this 999 plan.

Frankly, it was a dumb move since the Fair Tax already has a strong following. Heck, I was a Fair Tax guy until I found Ron Paul. Then there was no more compromising for me. Instead of replacing the income tax with a huge national sales tax, I preferred NO income tax...period.

me too

I was also a Fair Tax guy before a Ron Paul guy. I still like the idea of sales tax better than an income tax. At least it is upfront and everyone is reminded how much the Fed. Gov takes from you. Most people could not tell you how much they pay now in tax for gas, property, of payroll/income taxes because they don't have it in their face.

Cain's sexual harrassment *story* cover for his faults

The powers that be see that Cain can't talk about government at all. So instead of seeing other candidates and journalists make him into another laughable Sarah Palin, they played the scandal card.

Now everyone will talk about the alledged sexual harrassment...not the issues.

And trust me, this publicity will NOT destroy Cain, it will vault him over the other candidates.

Then Cain must be very skilled...

because his numerous flip flops and lies within a single day aren't making him look good and YES this will hurt him with a segment of the GOP taking more shine off this once prized Fed Chairman apple.

I still think this move is intended to vault Newt up with maybe Santorum next if there's time. Romney and Paul are the only two candidates with an actual national campaign structure in place so the tactic is to keep hoisting up Cain, Newt, Santorum, etc. to keep all eyes on Romney as the only potential Repub contender.

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Yes. It could go either way. Hoisting Cain or destroying Cain

It all depends on how the media handles it.

If they go quick and dirty, they are trying to destroy Cain...like they did to Perry with his n-word land.

If they drag it out, they are trying to help Cain.

But it is the sexual stuff that increases the odds of it being a long-term story. The media can tease people for weeks/months. The black community will be enthralled by the color of the women's skin and Cain's wife. I can just picture it all.

However, you may be correct that this is just a way to make way for Newt. Indeed, the GOP has been treating the primaries as one big fund raising campaign. Promoting one candidate after another, to make names, to sell books, etc.

They did the same last time. Heck, Huck got a TV show out of it. Although I think Gingrich would make a better TV show than Huck.