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Why Ron Paul? - Business Cards

Here's an inexpensive way I've been using to spread Ron Paul's message of Liberty. I have been giving these cards out everywhere I can think of and thought that others might want to do the same because it's not that expensive and the cards really seem to have an effect on people.

I start by holding the chart side of the card up and asking something like "Do you know who gets more Active Duty donations than all the other Presidential Candidates *combined*? In fact, more than DOUBLE the other candidates?"

Of course no one knows and they are already looking at the chart and you tell them about Ron Paul being a Veteran.

I usually end with something like "I wonder why the T.V. isn't telling you this. Isn't this something you would want to know?" And of course, the people always say "Yes, this IS something I would want to know..."

Anyway, I've been having some success with this and just wanted to make it available in case others might want to do the same.

Download the free .pdf file: Why Ron Paul? and save to your computer.

Go to Amazon and purchase some blank business card sheets:

350 Cards - $10.38
1000 Cards - $19.95
2500 Cards - $39.95

Including paper and the ink used, it breaks down to the cards costing about 4 pennies each.

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Business Cards = Liberty Seeds

Ivan Misner, the founder of the international group, Business Network International, a very popular business networking group, makes the claim that your business card is the #1, most effective, least expensive way to spread your message to others.

I like the analogy of farming. Let me illustrate. I was driving down the street one day and a work van with Ron Paul signs plastered on the back went past me. I caught up and motioned the driver to the side of the road - flashing my Ron Paul business cards in the air.

He lived in a neighboring town and gladly took a hefty handful of business cards from me to pass on to other people in his area. Unlike a slim jim - a business card fits nicely into a pocket, wallet, or purse. And they can be carried discreetly too.

I like the idea of promoting the idea that the troops support Ron Paul. So much, in fact, that I put up a website - www.TroopsSupport2012.com - to use to get people thinking about why the troops support Ron Paul so much.

And finally, I'm extending my offer to give you two different Ron Paul cards for the price of one, until Veterans Day, November 11th. Buy any number of Ron Paul cards from www.RonaldErnestPaul.com, and get an equal number of Rx For Liberty Cards (seen here at www.RxForLiberty.com/print). The Rx For Liberty Cards are great for older people on prescription drugs as they can use the cards to get immediate discounts at just about any pharmacy nationwide.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

You can also get free business cards via Vistaprint.com

You can't add your own graphics, but you sure can make a snazy Ron Paul supportive card.

Basically you can make a neat little flyer that is attractive, small, and free.

You get 250 for free (well, you do pay for shipping...as low as $5.67).

BTW: VistaPrint has lots of good (and free) products.