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South Carolina Strategy (to WIN!)

I've been out in SC for a few days, and have put together a meet-up (http://www.meetup.com/SCforRonPaul2012/events/36663802/) and talked to the State Chair for the Campaign (Mike Vasovski).

The main "official" strategy right now for doing well in South Carolina is two-part:

1. Canvasing! Basically, the campaign wants volunteers going door-to-door to identified Republican voting households and letting them know about Ron Paul. Mike said it is about a 20 minute training. You can either contact the campaign HQ: 803-649-4446, or contact the volunteer coordinator Nicole Quinn: http://www.meetup.com/SCforRonPaul2012/members/5757822/

2. On election day (January 21st!) there will be an effort to have sign-holder 201ft. (legal distance) from polling places in Republican heavy districts. Again, contact the campaign or Nicole Quinn about this effort.

In addition to that, as is a solid strategy in any state, attend your local GOP meetings to connect with people and nominate yourself to be a chair or delegate.

I started adding some meetings to the meet-up groups (in SC and Iowa):


Hope this helps!!!

If we are concise with our efforts, we can easily win this thing. We are the most organized and energetic campaign out there, let's turn that into a victory!!!