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Felicia Harris - trying to grab some Paul inertia

I just got a note from Congress candidate Felecia Harris, looking to take RP's seat, that she herself is Paulian (even has a picture of him in the email). From her email:

"Ron Paul isn’t running for re-election. The question is; who will replace the most articulate, respected defender of liberty in Congress?

Hi, this is small business owner Felicia Harris. Inspired by Dr. Paul, I am entering the Republican primary for his Congressional seat so that I can continue his work defending the Constitution from statist Democrats and big government Republicans.

Even in Ron Paul’s congressional seat, big government Republicans have lined up to take his place. Without your help, we will lose this seat."

Her issues, though, are missing ALL of the major Paul points: end the fed, end the wars, corporatism, drug war:


I'm all for supporting a good replacement, and there probably isn't a district more friendly to a liberty candidate. Is she the real deal or just pandering?

It looks like the latter to me. Thoughts?

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Here, I found him

He seems to follow

Dr. Paul on the issues, but nowadays you have to qualify which branch of the "Tea Party" you are affiliated with. After all, Cain and Perry are "Tea Party" favorites too...

Doesn't seem anything like RP

She's just pandering - stay away from that useless bimbo. Isn't there a guy that's also running for RP's seat and seems much more liberty oriented.