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Judge Napolitano: The Drone War Coming to a Town Near You?

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In an interview with this author published by Newsweek earlier this year, former CIA acting general counsel John A. Rizzo pulled back the curtain a little and described the protocol set up to authorize a drone strike. One of the approximately ten lawyers in the CIA’s counterterrorism unit would review intelligence information and draft a memo asserting that an individual posed a risk to the security of the United States. After weighing the evidence in the memo, Rizzo, who retired in December 2009, would sign his name, noting that he “concurred.” The strike was then authorized.

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Interesting...thanks for this

Interesting...thanks for this link

Sorry to say it but it looks

Sorry to say it but it looks like the American people are too complecent to care. They seem really really ripe for some serious totalitarian stuff.

Hope you're wrong

Hope you're wrong

Laser pointers are cheap.

'Nuff said.


what do the laser pointers do?


what, Bob? That a laser pointer would disable a drone? (I am uninformed about these types of things)

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