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Tisha Casida 'Light the fires of Liberty Tour' with Michael Badnarik

I am pleased to report that I have been invited to "Light the fires of Liberty" all across Colorado the third week of November. Instead of teaching the eight-hour version of my class, I have been asked to give several two-hour presentations on the Bill of Rights. This is part of a campaign strategy dreamed up by Tisha Casida http://www.casida2012.com who is running for Congress as an independent candidate in Colorado's third district.

Because I find myself "more unemployed" than I was in Texas, any opportunity to make a few dollars must be seriously considered. Combined with the opportunity to continue fighting the ideological war that we are in, the decision to go to Colorado was an easy one. Initial preparations for this trip soon established that the execution of the plan will be slightly more difficult. My research found that Colorado has sixty-four counties. As it turns out, thirty of them are in district three. Imagine a vertical line dividing Colorado in half. District three occupies the western half - and a substantial portion of the southeast quadrant. I chose not to run for the Senate in 2006 because I didn't want to campaign across all of Texas. At least there are no mountains to cross in Texas, and snow is very rare. I have never considered myself a sunshine soldier or summer patriot, but...

My research also revealed that the two major population areas within the district are centered around Pueblo, where Tisha's campaign headquarters is located, and Grand Junction near the western edge of the state. I've include a tentative schedule below, but we will begin and end in Colorado Springs, traveling to Grand Junction early, and then working our way back to Pueblo at the end of the week. If you live in Colorado or know someone who does, please invite them to attend one of the several sessions listed in the schedule. Each session is free and open to the public, and each will be followed by a few words from Tisha and a brief fund raiser. Even if you are unable to attend, please contribute generously to Tisha's campaign so she doesn't have to pay my expenses out of her own pocket. You can contribute online right now at http://www.casida2012.com, or send a check to:
Casida for Congress
P.O. Box 1471
Pueblo, Colorado 81002

Here is the tentative schedule for my visit. The presentations Thursday and Friday will all be held at the Casida campaign headquarters, located in the Historic Federal Building in Pueblo. The address is 421 North Main Street. All other venues will be listed on my website as soon as they are confirmed.
11/12 - Saturday Colorado Springs 3 sessions (10-1; 2-5; 6-9)
11/14 - Monday Grand Junction 3 sessions (10-1; 2-5; 6-9)
11/15 - Tuesday Fruita 1 session (10-1)
11/15 - Tuesday Clifton 1 session (3-6)
11/16 - Wednesday Gunnison 1 session (1-4)
11/17 - Thursday Pueblo (at HQ) 3 sessions (10-1; 2-5; 6-9)
11/18 - Friday Pueblo (at HQ) 3 sessions (10-1; 2-5; 6-9)
11/19 - Saturday Colorado Springs Fundraiser (5:30-8:30)

Let me know if you are planning to attend one or more of these events. Thanks.


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American Constitution Party

Having looked over some of her material, it appears she is unaffiliated.

Last year in Colorado the Constitution Party gained "major party" status, equal to the Ds and Rs. http://www.sos.state.co.us/pubs/election/BestPractices/TheAm...

This provides some benefits, including being near the top of the ballot instead of being grouped with all of the others lower on the ballot.

Why is she not a member of the American Constitution Party to benefit from their "major party" status?

Excellent session in Grand Junction (I was there)

Hello Everyone,

It was awesome to see and hear both Micheal and Tisha at Main Street Bagels in Grand Junction, Colorado the other day. I took my 9-yr old son with me so he could also hear what the Bill of Rights is about. I am sure that the coals of liberty were stoked inside him. :)

I will do all I can to get the word out on the Western Slope.

Keep up the great work Micheal & Tisha.

PS - If you are in Grand Junction, check out FREEDOM 1610 AM. Low power AM transmissions. I will be adding Tisha related spots and interviews for the locals. Not sure how may locals are listening, but it's up and transmitting. :)

PPSS - Get in touch... Freedom1610@gmail.com

Hi Gembry!

Hi, Are you registered with the Republicans and will you take some friends to caucus with you on February 7? Get yourself through caucus and we can say hello at State assembly! This is how we get the national delegates so Ron Paul will be the nominee.

Please verify you are registered Republican before December 7. Registration can easily be changed online https://www.sos.state.co.us/Voter/secuRegVoterIntro.do
Thank you.

Can we get a comment regarding Bill Still and LPUS?

Hey Michael, always great to hear from/about you. You naturally have no idea who I am...

I've been curious if you might be considering another run at LPUS. Bill Still threw his hat in the ring and a couple of us wonder if Gary Johnson might head in that direction. Moreover, RP switching over has been a source of non-stop discussion from day one to the present. I'd love to get your comments on that whole scene.

ONE OTHER THING. Your class...honestly, the people that really need to hear it are these Occupy Wall Street kids. Obviously, people finding forums like this and getting exposed and doing their research doesn't compare to your crash-course class for getting oriented but it's a proven process. I don't think there's any of us that could do as good a job as you at explaining this to people who are totally unexposed and who are hearing it for the first time.

I guess it's the old "preaching to the choir" issue. Interface with these OWS kids and never have to suffer that issue again, these kids not the choir.

It occurs to me that we can do a lot of advance work for this in terms of contacting various occupations online. If the idea appeals to you, I have a few people in mind that have the diplomatic capability and the experience dealing with leftists to prevent train wrecks right off the bat. Many libertarians aren't exactly diplomats and this would be a diplomatic challenge.

I like challenges I know how to communicate with these people so this is me volunteering to help get this aspect started. The folks at info AT longTermStorageFood DOT com can put you (back) in touch with me.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Not sure if he will get this

Not sure if he will get this post. Tisha is a great candidate and bringing Badnarik to her district to educate the masses on the Constitution is most excellent.

very nice work spreading the

very nice work spreading the Bill of Rights to a district with a Ron Paul candidate running.