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Treasury give-away, unconstitutionally! - Reuters Newsreel

Your tax dollars at work, unconstitutionally. Reuters Newsreel, 92 seconds

How easy it is to give away tax collections! What Constitution? Poof! Reuters News Video.

It is unconstitutional for many states to give your tax dollars to corporations. So how do they get away with it? Reuters columnist, David Cay Johnston, explains.

Examples: New York, Louisiana & others have constitutional prohibitions that prevent giving away tax receipts. Louisiana specifically has a constitutional prohibition against gambling. Then, how do they avoid their own constitutional restrictions? Watch the progress of related state court cases.

It is shocking that this sort of nonsense is permitted... by the state's own permit process. It is even more shocking that Reuters Newsreel would admit this "art of deception."

Note: Reuters owns Associated Press. Reuters is controlled by one stock known as a "founders share."

    One vote - One course of history.

    Much of US History is a Reuters story... Repeated ad nauseam. Rut! I repeat themselves.

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fireant's picture

It's also against the U.S. Constitution.

Article IV, Section 4, guarantees each state a republican form of government.
When states provide capital via special tax breaks (which also violate equal protection of the laws), or establishes favoritism for businesses via "oportunity zones", etc, the government then becomes fascist and/or socialist in nature. Public/Private Partnerships are popular with both political parties, yet are clearly in violation of the constitution.

Undo what Wilson did