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do you guys allready know about dylan ratigan's petition and site to get money out of politics? if not, please check it out and join! sign the petition! lets do anything we can to restore honesty to government! especially electing ron paul as our next president!

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We don't need money out of

We don't need money out of politics. We need money out of government. If big money had no influence, if legislators were restrained, then there would be little reason for anyone to spend a fortune getting someone elected.


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I don't think it will work.

More Laws are for common people and will not stop those who ignore all the laws and rules already in place.

Honesty in government is an oxymoron.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

so...no one cares?

im sure there are plenty of people like me, giving ron paul whatever they can every month, which is pretty hard to do in our present economy. and i will continue this as long as i can. but, wouldnt it be nice to know that obama COULDNT raise 70 million for his re-election campaign from all his rich, powerful donors? or that perry HAD to only accept small donations, like what dr paul normally gets?
i cant believe that this post hasent even been worth one single comment.....
did i post it in a bad spot? or, does everyone here dislike dylan ratigan? is it me? what?
i even invited dylan to look over rons plan to restore america. i made a copy of it and have been showing it to anyone who will listen, look, and discuss it. i truly belive that ron paul is america's last hope to retain the hope for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happieness, and want to do whatever i can to help make him our next president.
so- what up?


ron in 12!

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When posting you have to think advertising

headlines. People scan fast, the posts move very fast on this site. If the headline is obscure people go on to the next more promising one without clicking yours. Not saying this is the exact reason, but if a headline doesn't grab people immediately it may be passed by.

Lots of my posts sink with no views, others catch on. It's partly hit & miss, partly learning what catches attention.