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Ron Paul Fans: Here Is Why The Media Lost Interest In Your Candidate (Business Insider)

Ron says to listen to our enemies...

"Ron Paul has been consistently polling 3rd in the early Republican primary states. And yet, as the Paul-fans in our comments section constantly remind us, Ron Paul doesn't get respect from the media. Why is that? There are a few minor reasons:"

Read the article before commenting....it's not all bad.


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very true

the debates are nothing more than "Who will be your most entertaining President" where different flavors are presented and savored for sometime, until some one new comes up with a new act. thats how most people will decide who to vote for. RP has substance and not many people are interested in getting educated about the true problems. RP can win with slowly spreading his ideas, he wont suddenly become a media darling, like Perry was, or like Cain is, or like Newt will be !! Unfortunately just because these issues have come up in the debates does not mean RP has won, because these people are just paying lip service to these issues.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Wonderful Picture

I agree that RP has changed the focus of all the Republican candidates, but we at this site know that he's the only one that will follow through; actually change the direction of the country.

Do you agree that conflict drives the media? I'd rather Dr. Paul remained soft spoken and reasonable. I love it when he says,"Don't be afraid of freedom".

Instead of causing conflict he could just keep moving the conversation forward with details.

-Specifics on what programs to keep from the abolished departments and where these programs would be put would be interesting.
-How about discussing an increase in the size of our Navy. We don't need bases all over the world, but we do need a world presence.
-How about more hospital ships? He's a doctor. He knows that our medical capabilities would bring miracles to many people around the world.
-What our National Guards could have been doing at home these last 10 years and what they could do in the future would be an excellent topic.
-How about discussing the Cabinet? Anyone over 50 remembers that cabinet members used to be important. They met with the president around a table. We all knew who they were. These unconfirmed Czars coming and going drive me nuts.