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One Party System - need help changing the conversation

What are some ways to show non-political and also establishment Republicans that we really have a one-party system in this country / have no real choice? I had a bit of luck on Facebook after a debate with a Liberal, and it seems people just group Ron Paul in with the other Republicans. They don't realize he is pro-99%. I can think of a few ex., such as war, welfare growth - does anyone have a bulletpoint list of facts, examples? Thank you!!

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thought of one

Dick Cheney, "Deficits don't matter"


maybe i should give an example of what i mean. i just got an email with a girl from California who is on welfare, discussing how the system works. she says you get $179 for daycare per child, and then you hire a friend and split the money. how do you convince the establishment R voter, that neither Cain, Romney nor Perry are going to do anything to change this. I see only RP doing something. am i wrong? how do i convince someone of this?

Great example

Another thing... I drive around and see Jack 'n the Box with banners reading "Accepting EBT" (Electronic Benefit Transfer is an electronic system that automates the delivery, redemption, and reconciliation of issued public assistance benefits.)

Our system is abused in many ways. There was a thread before, and mention by Judge Napolitano where the government paid $16 per corn muffin for a meeting.

How can we have such abuse and waste at a time our economy is in shambles and our country is under crippling debt?

Simple. The entire system itself is set up incorrectly. Our economy works based on an inflationary Keynesian system. This means our government spends more and more money, and does more and more. In return, the economy does well. But this CAN'T last forever. And we are seeing the road running out right before our eyes.

Ron Paul is the ONLY one that addresses the root source of our economic troubles. It's our monetary policy, which is based on inflationary Keynesian economics and supported by the Federal Reserve.

With such a system it's all or nothing. You MUST have the inflation for sustained growth. Inflation means savers are punished. Consumption and debt are rewarded. This is what we have been doing, and it's coming to an END.

For a truly prosperous economy you want people to be able to earn money, and save it. That's how you amass TRUE wealth. Not the illusion of wealth based on debt. This means you must have a sound monetary policy, and at the root of that is sound money, i.e. money that isn't artificially inflated by a Federal Reserve. A gold standard is one way to ensure money is not inflated, but this can be modernized as well, as Dr. Paul has said.