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Ron Paul Supporter gets arrested for DWI on TV show

This clip is from Frontier Force. A tv show like COPS that follows Montana State Troopers around. This kid getting arrested is unfortunately a Ron Paul supporter..
On the bright side how many people getting arrested on Cable tv have ever yelled out Romney 2012!! haha

I've never posted a video on here before so hopefully it works. If it doesn't search Frontier Force Ron Paul on Youtube to watch the clip


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Anyone think this helps Ron

Anyone think this helps Ron Paul?


this was awesome

truth liberate

Colbert covered this

I actually saw the initial airing of this episode of Frontier Force in September and DVR'd it. My family and I have been cracking up ever since! Colbert covered it too, but kind of negatively...

"Yeah. Constitution. Read it... Live by it." LOLOLOL!!!

Ron Paul Blackout

This kid brings a whole new meaning to the Ron Paul Blackout... Ron Paul 2012!!!!!