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Military Supporters

We need to organize supporters who are currently enrolled military personnel in such a way that Ron's amazingly lopsided support by the Military cannot be ignored by the MSM. We could have a good number of them attend the next debate(s) in uniform with the intention that should one of them be chosen to ask a question they could point out that Ron is overwhelmingly the candidate that the troops would like to be their Commander in Chief. Or maybe an event can be organized that would have a huge group congregate at Occupy Wall Street wearing their combat gear and carrying Ron Paul shwag.

Any other ideas? Any enlisted persons and/or OathKeepers here who are willing to organize something? As many soldier's, Police, and other uniformed personnel as possible. Stage a mock battle against the Forces of Tyranny! Oooooh...Ron Paul Tanks and Apache Gunships...

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I could be wrong,

but I think the audience members that ask questions are 'pre chosen'.

cannot be ignored by the MSM eh?

Why not stage outside a major news outlet building.

what if you're out of the IRR

what if you're out of the IRR any everything?

DOD Directive 1344.10


Because of this it is very hard for the military to do much to support any party or candidate. This is why we usually only see people who used to be in the military make videos, go to rallies, etc.

Well that sucks but thanks

Well that sucks but thanks for the 411!