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What was the dollar worth the year you were born?

For me $1.00 in 1961 had the same buying power as $7.35 in 2011. Annual inflation over this period was 4.07%.

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. bump

Well, my husband could have retired if it was the same as when I was born.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

we had silver

certificates and it was worth one morgan or peace silver dollar at any bank and they are worth over thirty dollars today.

Sadly if you try to trade in one of those certificates today,

all you'll get is a green piece of cotton.

treg you're my boy

what an awesome question..

on february 2nd 1988 my exact birthdate gold was @ 455 dollars an once,

i realize there was a stock maket bubble then too lol when will it end, i hope it will end before i end

Even better, try

Their inflation calculator will show you the LIE the US government goes by and then how it USED to be calculated.

By their measure, 1 FRN today was worth 4.3¢ from 1913. But by ShadowStats measure, it was 1.2¢.

When I was born it was worth 19.2¢ or put another way, it would take 16 FRNs today to buy what 1 FRN bought in late 1974.

Interestingly, a dollar in 1974 could only get you 1.6 gallons of gas. (@63¢ per gallon)

Today it can buy TEN gallons in some areas of the country.

When I Was Born There Were Still Plenty Of Walking Liberty,,

Half dollars in circulation.
These half dollars were 90% Silver or .3617 of an ounce of Silver.
So 2 of these were a dollar containing .7234 of an ounce of Silver, or a little less than 3/4 of an ounce of Silver.
At todays price of Silver {$33.31 per ounce} those 2 half dollars would be worth about $24.10, if my math is correct, not counting the collectors value, which would be more depending on condition of coin.


Your math is correct except that in the 1870's Congress mucked

with the subsidiary coinage and changed the content of each to be less than its fractional part of a dollar. They left the dollar unchanged.

Thus, two halves do not make a whole. Neither do four quarters or ten dimes.

A dollar has been 371.25 grains .999 pure since 1792 and this has never changed. (.7734 ounces)

So your two halves were actually 93.5¢.

That's why whole dollars dropped from circulation. It was a pure debasement move, and this will always drive the older higher standard coins into hiding because the newer coins are worth less than face value, so it has the effect of making people think the older coins are worth MORE than face value. (people never measure by the original standard - witness FRNs)

I guess I did it...

...backwards, but "$1.00 in 2011 had the same buying power as $0.12 in 1955."

Actually, I think it might be LESS. For example... as about a 10 yr. old boy a (bigger than today) chocolate bar was a DIME. Got an urge for one the other night, went to a convenience store, and a big Baby Ruth cost 1.79 !!

"We'll know our disinformation campaign is complete when
everything the US public knows is false."
CIA Director William Casey, 1981

$1.00 in 1955 had the same buying power as $8.21 in 2011.

Annual inflation over this period was 3.83%.

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I think you mean how much a dollar bill was worth...

A dollar bill is not a dollar. A dollar bill is a promise to pay a dollar. A dollar is a silver coin. The federal reserve doesn't pay their bills, thus they are worth less than their face value. No one would use them if the federal government hadn't illegally made them a tender in payment of debts, and given the federal reserve a monopoly on the issuance of notes.

1.00 was 7.21 in 1963. I hope

1.00 was 7.21 in 1963. I hope people are getting out of the dollar.

If you have dollars to get rid of, I have some FRNs to trade

you for them!