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How divided is the country? Has it always been like this?

Making fun of Republicans online is starting to feel like an over used joke, like a crappy Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

I'm 34 and spend most of my time in entertainment, performing and writing. A lot of my peers are Democrats, and I often hear them make comments like 'Republicans are crazy' 'Republicans are greedy' 'Republicans are one more whacko then the next'. Then online I read my facebook friends talk about Republicans like it's an evil mental condition.

I understand why artists and people in entertainment are generally democrats. Most actors, musicians, writers, ect.. make up a class of "businessmen" that deal very little with government regulation. The most government intrusion in their lives are taxes and not being able to swear on national television, or in songs for radio. They don't deal with health departments, building departments, immigration, corporate taxes, employee insurances, zoning, licenses, inspections ect. They have no clue what it feels like to be the average business owner, therefor, it makes sense why they are unable to understand the average business man.

When a Republican talks about the mechanics of business, it goes over most performers heads. All they hear is yadda yadda greed. The only thing successful performers understand is "Where is my driver? Where is my hotel room key? Where's the closest shopping mall? how do I look?" <--- and with such self centered concerns like these, they don't have the time or energy to learn about how government policy affect so many things. However, ironically, these celebrities have the biggest soap box to express their 'political views' ... and how do they side? They put down the republican view, and call for more Government helping the poor.

So here I am, in Hollywood, the day after Halloween where I witnessed a crowd instantaneously unite and turn on the police for arresting a man. A couple weeks ago I was in Boston, listening to the Occupy Boston movement speak in unison voices asking for more more taxes on the rich, and more government programs to help the "poor". Here I am reading facebook and twitter posts about how the republican perspective is evil and dumb. I'm seeing a massive divisions in understandings amongst the American people.

There's the group that understands how things work, and feel strongly people are evil and dumb, and wealth should be controlled and distributed equally amongst all.

There are those who understand how things work and feel people are good and charitable, and freedom means freedom to succeed or fail.

There are those who don't understand much and are just parrots, jumping on the band wagon of whoever they think the "winning" team is.

I see a very divided people and I'm asking you older folks .....Has it always been this way?

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We've been duped with a mentality of competition.

Pitted, competed, and you've nailed most people's thinking points. That's why it's important to find what methodology "breaks through" to lift the blinders for each individual. It's going to be a long process and one that must carry on.

My entire existence, here on earth, has been the pit and divide with bought marketing and, now, it's so apparent. Once awaken you cannot go back to being part of the sleeping giant; rather becoming an alarm clock with no snooze button.

Messengers and doers are the ammunition to battle for reality. People have "gotta want it". To want; one must understand.

Great writing, glad you "get it"! Enjoyed:)

Has always been this way...look at history...

Civil War, Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and so on. Fraud, deceit, corruption...that's politics. That is why the least government is the best government.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss - The Who

Be the change you want to see in the world - Gandhi

We are RP supporters and we are that change.

It has been this way since the beginning...

In the 40's-60's the enemy was Communism and was played not only on TV but was played as a fear tactic in theaters around the nation. In the 60's it started to lead away from Communism to the free love movement played nightly after birth control hit the nation warning of the dangers of sexual activity. In the midst of this the cold war or non war was active and blasted across the airwaves, so long as they had the two elements needed to control the population, a general enemy and a hodgepodge of issues that they would have the media harp on to separate us. From using drugs, war, contraception, abortion, and other issues the media played their role in sensationalizing issues that were developed to divide us to give the illusion that their "team" was right and the other was wrong. This is how they made the two party illusion stick to those that had no other source of news other than the main stream media who controlled the populace until the introduction of the internet which showed what the real time tyranny that was occurring in Washington. By the time Americans were exposed to this the corruption was rampant and completely out of control, but the partisanship created by decades of propaganda on the television still shows proof positive today that their divide and conquer is still working today. Decades of politicians telling lies to get elected and the public accepting these lies and re-electing the status quo against the peoples own self interests. I call this political Stockholm Syndrome and it is alive and well among the baby boomers of today who have been educated to be statists and never to question the powers that be, subservient to a corrupt and sometimes criminal element that is flourishing on the labor of working class Americans. The welfare system is another safety net that they use to buy the support of the less fortunate, and although the left is their champions, one must ask what they have really done for the poor, for they certainly have not worked to end poverty as it has grown consistently for the years since tax payer funded welfare was introduced. While it might not have solved the problem, it continues to give the democrats many votes, while never attacking the real issue of poor education, but who wants to solve the problem when you can use other peoples money to buy support and votes.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

People have always been

People have always been divided like this, over anything. And that in turn has always been exploited by others. A crisis makes it a lot worse.

But it's always easy to rise above it if you think for yourself, then you see that every side has it's parrots and quite a lot of them too. People like you, that have the guts to think different from their friends and co-workers are pretty rare.

The Division is Entirely an ILLUSION

Obama & Bush are like brothers in arms. Gitmo, Iraq withdrawal timeframes, Patriot Act/NDAA, SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, out of control spending, both bailed provided bailouts, both support deficit spending, bigger government, Libya, Syria (regime change on both), troops in Africa, etc, etc, etc.

Very little separates the two party system these days.

Democrats and Republican politicians held hands when they passed the NDAA, I would swear it.

If you relied on mainstream media, you wouldn't even guess the NDAA had ever existed.

If you think there is a division, you've been duped. It's an illusion.

So True - there is no difference between Dems & Repubs...

and never has been.

Great New Illusion

When we see that the current concept of "wealth" is just as much of an illusion as the concept of "2 political ideologies/parties", we will really be getting somewhere :)

As one poster here says: "I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least".

Wealth and freedom is land, and if you don't own any of it, you don't have any wealth or freedom at all (only "consumer choice" and "social interaction"). We live in fear that we may have nothing at all next year, because everything in our entire existence is dependent upon our masters whim. We have absolutely no control over any resources that keep us alive in this world. That is 100% poverty/slavery, even if we have an Ipad4. Slaves always had little gadgets too.

At this time, there is no wealth AT ALL, and there is no freedom, because there are no landowners. There are only homeless and renters.

Disagree In Part

I can't see the video, but I can read the text at the YT page, and in part, I'd say the divisions between then and now are a little apples to oranges.

VIDEO: sovereign v. sovereigns.
QUESTIONER: slaves v. slaveowners.

VIDEO: political attacks in the laying of foundation.
QUESTIONER: the exasperation of desperation.

VIDEO: America on the rise.
QUESTIONER: America on the decline.

VIDEO: Americans in positions of strength.
QUESTIONER: Americans in positions of weakness.

VIDEO: America as landowners w/honest money.
QUESTIONER: America in ignorance and debt servitude.


I can't think of a deeper root to all problems/divisions than this:

* Sustainable and plentiful land for at least every pair of adults AND responsibility to provide for the future of each child (2-3 kids per woman).

If we were a nation of landowners, and only landowners could vote, what kind of nation would this be?

1. We would have no need for government assistance, since every person/family would have land to provide for at least their basic necessities: Shelter, food, water, medicine, clothing, and heat. Even if you choose to work elsewhere for other people or corporation or government, you always have "Plan B" to fall back on when the man-made systems fail you.

2. Landowners would generally always vote and sue for the prosperity of their land, and would keep the environment clean and healthy for future generations.

3. There would be little strife, because nobody would be able to blame anybody else for their lack or failure in life.

4. No child would be born without a sustainable future, limited only by their own desire to give of themselves.

5. Everybody would always have something from their land for sale (for example, to those working in urban areas) and all forms of employment/servitude would therefore be voluntary.

With equal natural rights + authority for all people (which includes sound money and a free-market ... but excludes those being tried and those convicted of violating the life/liberty/property rights of others, how could you ever have any complaints-about or divisions-in society?

The problems come when people have more children than they can provide a future for, kids with no "Plan B" in life. Then you have people saying "what about me? don't I matter?" and do-gooders that want to steal from those who have, and give to those who have-not.

Eventually, the landless so outnumber the landowners, that they demand "voting rights", and use those rights to steal the land from the landowners via property taxes, and eventually the landowners must sell-out to the corporations until everybody becomes a landless slave to the system, and everybody wants to steal something from somebody else.

Then a big ball of corruption starts rolling like snowballs in the snow, and the cycle of stealing from one another becomes a common form of social justice. As the landless faction of society grows, supported by theft, they form their "groups" as a way of finding strength and comfort in their weakness, and create divisions, be they tools of greater powers or not, it really doesn't matter.

Those at the top of the theft rings, yes, they do maintain their positions by keeping the minds of the people very busy with all sorts of distractions.

But it all began with the landless offspring of parents that didn't care too much about the future of each child they brought into this world. And that is why the world we live in is the way it is. And I do not see any realistic sustainable answer to freedom and prosperity other than to become a nation of landowners, where only landowners have voting and breeding rights (up to 3, then tubes-tied).

It's not an infinite world, sorry.

Always been intentionally divided

by the government via its media.

...divided we fall.

It's the foundation for how they control us.

Yet Arnold and Reagan, Heston and more are GOP

When you make money in the entertainment business, you begin needing people, like an entertainment attorney and a CPA/ or an accounting firm, an assistant, a manager, publists, nannies, chef, physical trainer, and coaches and more. I believe that successful entertainers/artists/ actors are even better businessmen, and why we have so many lousy enterianers at the top. "So and so" is a "B----", can be translated to "So and so" is a good business person and not so popular among those in need because they are doing more waiting than acting or whatever.

As for the country being divided, I guess that depends on where one is and who they are. There have always been issues to keep Americans off balance and divided, thus controlled by the elite Church or State.

Hollywood Farmers Market is a destination point on Sunday and a wonderful place to promote Ron Paul for president.

Good question.

To me, the answer is in your post,

"There's the group that understands how things work, and feel strongly *people are evil and dumb*, and wealth should be controlled and distributed equally amongst all.

There are those who understand how things work and feel *people are good and charitable*, and freedom means freedom to succeed or fail. " (asterisk are mine for emphasis)

I think, to get at the core of any division, it is important to understand how the person understands what a human being is. Myself included and many others are spiritually confused, and this confusion manifests itself in a myriad of ways.

People have always been on both sides of the question, is man good or evil. This point is now being pushed to the limit because maybe we can no longer avoid the consequences of each conclusion.

May God have mercy on us all.


And it is bad on this site too.

I have always found it odd that on this site which is Pro Ron Paul for Republican candidate, is constantly bashing Republicans. It doesn't make sense. I mean, how do you expect to pull in Republican voters to Ron Paul by bashing and demeaning Republicans then turn around and beg democrats to register Republican to get Paul elected?


That is what I believe is our weak point. Strong for us personally but weak when it comes to politics and American collectivism. Paul supporters are in a league of their own. We have all accepted long ago that we would be mocked and be alone and not taken seriously. This is why I honor Ron for wanting to save the party but it has such a bad rap in the end it could be what kills him. I know it's too late to go 3rd party but I have always felt Ron would have done so much better separating himself from the 2 party joke. Unfortunately it's guilt by association. We know better because we dug deeper but we are not the majority. We are divided and the PTB will do everything possible to keep in that way. That's why we never see them cover large protests or Candidates that have a lot of grassroots behind them. We are up against a giant beast that has no love for Truth or Freedom. It only loves Money,Power and Control.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

No, it hasn't always been like this.

Prior to the "progressive era" there was no "left wing" because the left wing was introduced and created by the communists who were trying to convert the US to communism after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.
Prior to that, everything was free markets or the robber barons with their predatory monopolistic practices.
There was no income tax, there was only gold and silver money, there was no redistribution of wealth, no social safety net, or any of this marxist crap that is pervasive today.
It began primarily with Wilson, and really got into full swing with FDR and the "New Deal", and culminated with LBJ and his "Great Society". Those were the ones that really sank us into the abyss, and of course Obama is trying to finish us off with the Obamacare.
Everything on the Left has been essentially originated by communism, and if the truth be told, communism is still the goal of the Left, as we see even today with Obamacare.

I'd call it collectivism by the "Left" and the "Right"

although I might point back to the Lincoln presidency instead of Wilson. Lincoln also tried to institute an income tax and fiat currency, but both were short-lived. BTW, the Federal Reserve and the 16th amendment came about in 1913 (four years before the Bolshevik Revolution), so we may have preceded the Soviets in that regard.

Yes, I agree that because

of the punctuated slide into the morass, the start times and events are debatable.

Bt the real thing that I wanted to highlight in my post was that there was no "left" before communism began, and that the "left" and the "left/right conflict" is a relatively recent phenomenon, and coincidentally(?) accompanied the downfall of the republic.

I agree.

When we're children our mothers make sure we know what makes our existence possible, WoRK whether it is our fathers or our mothers themselves someone has to work to provide nourishment for the family. While most children recognize these truths to be self evident, adults do not understand what allows THEM to eat survive and prosper.

Ignorance is a subcategory of more ignorance, what im getting at is simple, like a complex math problem if you mess up the first process everything else you do is futile, because the fundamentals are flawed, these people are flawed in their thinking.