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Early Primary States - On The Ground Grassroots Organizing - Chip-In Included

Using my website as a medium, I have been traveling around the country for the last two months helping organize and connect groups in hopes of helping Ron Paul secure the Republican Nomination.

In Colorado I met with a number of Ron Paul, Libertarian, and even Green Party groups to spread the message and connect ideas. You can read about that experience here:


In Iowa I helped organize the first meet-ups in Des Moines and Ames of this election cycle. I found supporters and activists and connected them with the official campaign to make the most of their efforts. You can read about that experience here:


I am currently in South Carolina where I hosted the first "Clemson Ron Paul" meet-up, got a hold of the state volunteer coordinators, and started giving direction to a few supporters who didn't know what to do. I also attended a local Occupy planning meeting (wearing a Ron Paul t-shirt) and made my case for how to best fight Corporatism (http://freeindependentsun.com/zen/occupy-yourself-how-to-fig...)

I am currently on a farm "WWOOFing" and plan on meeting up with some of the Columbia activists before I leave for Florida. I hope to help organize some voter registration efforts in both states.

In addition to the meet-ups, as I travel I have been "couchsurfing" and frequenting local establishments (bars, coffee shops, restaurants) and talking to people about Ron Paul. My experience has been motivating, as I have gotten a majority of positive responses.

After Florida, where I have another farm lined up, I plan on going to Boston, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. to help register voters for the first two's Primaries, and begin the process of organizing the Green Party in the same ways I have been helping organize the Ron Paul Grassroots.

In order to do this I need funding. I have sold most of my silver and gold (gaining a couple Ron Paul supporters in the process), and am nearly through my savings (about to buy my bus tickets and plane tickets I need, which will pretty much zero me out).

My first attempt to raise funds got me $120 from 2 contributors (out of the $1776 total requested). This time if I can raise at least $500 I can do amazing things, if I can raise the total $2012 there is no telling what I can accomplish.

Chip-in: http://jaktober.chipin.com/the-free-independent-sun

For those who have enjoyed my postings, appreciate my work on the road, and are interested in seeing what more I can do, I have a chip-in set up for my website. All of the funds will go to my tour, trying to elect Ron Paul, End the Wars, and organize the Occupy/Left into something productive, rather than a tool for the establishment.

Thank You!

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Is Chipin Down Today?

I can't access any of it, and the widgets aren't showing up. Anyone else having this problem with their particular chipins?

Jack Wagner


Got my first contribution, at 1% now, awesome! Only 99% to go!

Jack Wagner

You're an inspiration.

I'll be donating this Friday, when I get my paycheck. 10% of it will go to your cause, which coincides with the cause of liberty. Keep it up my good friend.

Don't just think positive. Be positive. Stay positive.

End the Fed. End the Wars. Problems Solved. Ron Paul.


That is awesome! Thanks a lot! I'll put it to good use I can assure you of that!

Jack Wagner

bump for activism

Great work.
Hope you get more support.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thank you!

I appreciate the good words!

Jack Wagner

Got it on Political Forums


Great site for outreach too!

Jack Wagner