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Water Car HHO Gas as Fuel - Energy Monopolies Like What They Have Going

Water Car HHO Gas as Fuel - Energy Monopolies Like What They Have Going: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTan6pq75J4

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There are problems with this

namely that it takes more electricity for the electrolysis, to convert the h2o to hho, than the energy contained in the hho.

Also there can be issues with pressure, the tank has to remain above a certain pressure or explosions can result from flame chasing it back into the tank. This is basically browns gas which was

Just a couple of the hurdles.

That problem has been solved...

That problem has been solved 20 years ago by Stanley Meyers thru electronic resonance and a plazma spark ignition. I don't know what you are talking about with the "tank".
The type of hydrogen system used by Meyers is a hydrogen on demand system. It only produces hydrogen when it is running and only a very small amount of residual hydrogen remains in the fuel lines when it is not running. No hydrogen is stored in the vehicle and the only thing that is in the "tank" is water. The other type of hydrogen vehicle does have a pressurized hydrogen tank. This is what big business wants to sell you because then they can change the gas stations into hydrogen stations and we are still dependent on them for fuel. The vehicle is also more expensive and I believe far more dangerous. They do not want to produce hydrogen on demand vehicles because all you need is water from you garden hose and they can not make big bucks off of selling you something that you can produce yourself. Are you getting the picture?
Another thing, nothing was ever invented by someone that could only find reasons why something could not be done.


MTY engine

I like this engine better because its easier to build.
this guy won NASAs invent the future contest in 2005

How hard do you think...

How hard and long do you think all government and all oil companies have been fighting to keep this technology out of the hands of the general public? From what I have read Stanley Meyers was offered a lot of money for his patents by the Saudis and he turned them down. Shortly afterward he died of poisoning and all of his equipment disappeared. Daniel Dingle has been put in jail for 20 years at age 82 in 2008 on trumped up charges. Paul Pantone I believe was committed to mental hospital. These are great inventors whose inventions would allow you to fill your gas tank with your garden hose and drive all you want with zero pollution. The government and big oil business want you to keep polluting the air, they will not let go of the tax money or oil profits. A lot of people have died, disappeared, been discredited and been declared insane trying to bring clean and free energy to market. My favorite question that people ask me is "If all these inventions are true why aren't they on the market?" The answer is systemic greed and global corruption. The inventions are real, too real for the government because they would loose money, power and control over the people. Check out this site for more info, http://panacea-bocaf.org/


I've seen so many youtube

I've seen so many youtube videos about how to do this yourself since 2007.

Does this really work? I have yet to meet someone who figured out this technology. It's very intriguing!

We ran an old Mercedes onm it for a while

It killed the alternator, but absolutely increased our mileage by about 25%.

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wow, no kidding?!!

That's very interesting. But why did it kill the alternator? The alternator's functionality shouldn't be altered. I could understand the perhaps the battery dying.

very cool

time to get the word out

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great post

ive always want to look into stuff like this.

Seems like this should be at

Seems like this should be at the fore of the Liberty movement right?

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