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Judge gets caught beating his daughter and is posted to youtube

ROCKPORT, Texas (AP) — Police launched an investigation Wednesday into an online video post that claims to show a Texas family law judge profanely berating and repeatedly lashing his 16-year-old daughter with a belt.


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I can't watch it -

who filmed it? The daugher? Not possible, right?
Someone else? If so, why didn't they stop it?

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

This is several years old but

This is several years old but the daughter just released it, the daughter caught it all on her computer camera.

The release of this video by the beaten daughter

seemingly is an example of "blowback". The Judge committed serious aggression against his daughter in an attempt to break her into submission, and it finally had consequences that look like they are going to be significant for him; sort of his own personal 9/11 you might say.

The parallel strikes me as poetic.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Absolutely Indefensible...

this IS abuse and is a criminal act.

the beginning reminded me of that scene from the Sixth Sense, where the girl had been poisoned by her mother.
Hopefully some justice will eventually be served here as well.

Judge Adams is a bit ch.

Judge Adams is a bit ch.

Wow, some of these comments are amazing.

1. Is it acceptable practice for a husband to beat his wife if she makes a mistake, disobeys his orders or "steals" music from the internet.

2. Is it acceptable practice for a man to beat a woman if she makes a mistake, disobeys his orders or "steals" music from the internet.

3. Is it acceptable practice for a human to beat another human if one makes a mistake, disobeys orders or "steals" music from the internet.

4. Is it acceptable practice for a father to beat his child if she makes a mistake, disobeys his orders or "steals" music from the internet.

I would hope that members of this site would be answering all four of these questions with a "no", but I'm confused with fellow Paulites today.

Seriously, is that the best that you can do?

1. Did the cretin in the video beat his wife? I think I missed that part. But what the heck, I'll play your silly game. It really depends on who you ask now doesn't it? Sadly, there are many men who beat their wives on a regular basis. This is a practice which has gone on for thousands of years. Women who endure these beatings, for whatever reason choose to stay with their abuser more often than not. When they do eventually leave, their former abuser is often replaced with yet another equally abusive partner. It's called a cycle. Society as a whole does a very good job of turning a blind eye to the cycle of domestic violence, of every sort. Adding it all up, I would say the answer as to whether or not it is socially acceptable, is YES.

2. A woman and a child are two different things. But, since you asked. Cops do it all the time. The fact that they are seldom if ever prosecuted for these offences even when video/audio and eyewitness testimony provide sufficient evidence of their guilt, I can draw no other conclusion than to say that there is indeed broad social acceptance of this behavior. The answer again, is YES.

3. Should you make the mistake of entering my property uninvited with the intent of pilfering my goods or injuring my loved ones, should you threaten, insult or demean my wife or daughters in any way, should you prove yourself to be a threat to any member of my family or a close friend; you run a very high risk of a beating, or worse. Funny thing about this one though. It's much more likely that I spend time behind bars for defending my life and property than kicking my wife's ass. That little factoid aside. The answer once again, is YES.

4. Here is where people like you miss the boat, which is fine of course because sharing a boat with you sounds like a real drag. Spanking a child and beating a child are two entirely different things. I know you disagree so save your asinine rebuttal for someone else. You don't like corporal punishment. I don't care for obnoxious, know it all, arrogant pricks who like to push their views on others. It's really a matter of perspective and taste. What exactly does it taste like from your perspective, shite I suppose.

Do what you will. I think "time out" is an excellent instructional technique as it prepares undisciplined children for life in a cell. Which may very well be their final destination if unfortunate enough to have a parent or parents who share your mindnumbingly obtuse view of how to raise a child. Do you even have children? I somehow doubt it.

So just because the cops do

So just because the cops do it all the time makes it ok?? I question why you are a supporter of Ron Paul. Seems like you should be throwing your support behind Obama or Giuliani for that matter.

Good job at rambling!!!

However, you didn't actually address any of his points. You spun them.

I must admit, though, that a lot of people do still hold on to this, but it's such a weak position. It is socially acceptable in a lot of places. It's easy to use the,"my friends are doing it" line, but it says NOTHING of the merits of spanking. There are no merits to spanking. I suppose going off on a tangent is the best defense one can offer.

The concept of spanking is what is wrong; the spanker just doesn't know of any better way. Don't lash out at those who are trying to help. Don't give up on parenting. Google "alternatives to spanking".

I mean, really, why is YOUR CHILD the only person you're allowed to hit? Why should everyone on earth have their rights....except your OWN CHILD?!?!?!

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."

I'm sorry you missed the intention of my post and decided to

go on the defensive, says a lot. Yes, I have five daughters and I've never hit one of them, ever. Four are married with children. Three are college grads. One is married to a Marine. Two are married to police officers. One is eight and at home. I've provided links to show my friends here her talents.

Let me apologize for hitting a nerve. Raise your kids however the hell you desire.

WOW. Some of these comments are amazing.

I have five children. Pretty good kids all of them, but I'll focus on my son. My oldest child is so much more well adjusted than myself it isn't even funny. He has never smoked, done drugs, committed a crime, is well groomed, well educated, happily married to a beautiful woman of another race (who has a degree of her own), speaks three languages, made Petty Officer 2nd class a mere 18 months out of basic training, and is known by his peers (I'm not making this up) as Mr. Jolly. He is also an avid Ron Paul supporter who donates time and money regularly to the campaign.

I on the other hand, spent my youth struggling with violence, drug addiction, was in and out of jail for numerous reasons, and have suffered through three dysfuntional marriages. I'm older, wiser and much more secure at this point in my life, but I may never really reach my full potential. Overall I'm happy and I get by, but my son thrives.

My mother never disciplined me. My son on the other hand learned from a very young age to respect authority, my authority. He was given, as were all of my kids, very clear boundaries, a small set of very clear rules and as much love as I could possibly provide.

Everything I learned about being a father I learned from the scriptures. "Love is patient, love is kind" etc, and "spare the rod spoil the child." I walked and spoke softly and carried a very effective soft pine paddle. Never once did I take my anger out on my children. Before I spanked them I sent them to their room for a while, this allowed them time to think about their behavior, and time for me to collect myself. These essential learning experiences never left a mark on my kids, but they did leave lasting impressions.

When I see someone in here imply that I am somehow a coward for loving my children enough to correct their behavior in a Godly fashion... let's just say, I could almost forget that I'm a Christian. Catch me on a day that I'm not prayed up, speak those words to my face and you just might learn a lesson yourself about the benefits of corporal punishment.

My grandfather, God rest his soul, is the only person who ever cared about me enough to show me the back of his hand. I miss him every day, I miss his wisdom, his encouragement, and the unconditional way in which he loved me. I had a lot of teachers in my life, as I was relocated from or kicked out of most every school I ever attended. The only ones who ever taught me anything or that I even remember were the ones who still had a paddle hanging on the wall and were not afraid to use it.

Raise your children the way you see fit. But keep your judgemental, condescending, accusatory statements to yourself. Or at the very least, save them for the day you meet me face to face.

I agree 100%

There is a difference between beating and physical discipline. The later, when done properly, is appropriate for, effective on, and good for children.

The problem is that so few people have the maturity to inflict corporal punishment anymore. They get too emotional, which, if done enough, screws kids up emotionally.

That said, physical discipline has to be done after a firm calm warning has been given. Once they get old enough, you can't physically discipline them anymore and have to rely on the verbal warnings and loss of priviledges.

In the case with the judge, the punishment for a teenager downloading stuff she shouldn't is simple: take away her computer.

BTW: One of my favorite toons is Hank Hill (of King of the Hill). He's an old school man. Speaks his mind calmly, lives with pride and principle, will spank his kid if necessary, and even kick some @ss if necessary.

Anyway, I had such a father. But my mother spoiled me. So my life has been like being two face: one strong (from my father's discipline), one weak (from my mother's lack of discipline).

However, politics seems to be filled with spoilers of the masses. The exception being Ron Paul...making him stand out even more. I mean, c'mon...it is sad that there are so few people with integrity in such high levels.

Thanks for that story

Sadly, many can't even picture what you are talking about because discipline was done with anger in their family. There is so much more emotional scarring going on from emotional (yelling) abuse and manipulation these days--you can watch it happening in the grocery store.

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods


The man in the video is an abusive pile of crap. We should expect nothing less from one of the "Black Robed Priests of Baal" as my old patriot buddy used to call them.

There's a right way and wrong way

Listen, I got some whoopings as a kid myself. I almost always deserved them as the commercial for the board game goes: "It's fun getting into trouble." This judge was just a complete ass about it. Yell at the kid, hit him/her a couple of times, and move on. This guy was a complete douchebag about it. By the way, why is this on the DailyPaul website?


You people who say whooping a misbehaving child is cowardly or insane, have lost the plot. When this kid was 16 she was caught stealing. My daddy would have worn my a@@ out. I love my dad and the mental scar left from my attempted crime spree. If he did not raise me with a firm hand until my brain began to work on its own, I am sure I would be in jail or at your bedroom window right now. SO PROPS TO THE HONOURABLE JUDGE FOR DOING HIS BEST. My friends who didn't have the luxury of a dad are in prison or have been in prison. The difference was the presence of a father who would be dammed if his kid would become a delinquent. I thank him at every opportunity for his training.

Usually abused children defend their abusers

and blame themselves. So how are you different? Where is it that you got the foolish idea that you would be bad if you were not trained with violence?

The idea that you must be beaten into submission to act appropriately is absurd, so please do not try to tell us that violence was the only path or the best path to your staying out of trouble.

I have two grown daughters who were raised without violence. They are raising their children without violence. They are huge successes in life as are their children, and have never done anything that is even close to criminal.

My view has always been that they are in charge of their own lives, and that I am their protector and guide, to help them learn for themselves how to live successfully. This is done with love, respect, example, and talking about what is right and wrong. It is the secret of good parenting to walk the line between protection and letting go so that by the time your children are ready to live on their own they know how to do it well and have not been emotionally damaged in the process.

Too bad you had the experience you did; there are much better ways to view yourself and to grow up.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

I disagree with your assesment of my dad.

He is an old fashioned Jamaican who has a firm grasp of what the consequences of improper disciple would do to a child. If you don't use what ever methods that are effective in raising your kids, you the parent are setting your child up for failure. In the real world where I grew up the cops were the consequence of not being disciplined. Were I grew up in the consequences were literally life and death. Appreciate the luxury of being grounded, or not playing Nintendo for a week. He did try talking to me but I distinctly remember nodding off until he started to whoop my backside, till I could explain to him why my actions where of poor judgement. He would finish with a recitation of a poem all Old school Jamaicans seem to know, " Heights of great men reached and kept where not attained through sudden flights, but they while their companions slept where toiling upwards through the knight". He showed me how to take responsibility for my actions, that things don't go wrong, they start wrong. So save all the self righteous BS, if your kid is an angel and dose no wrong wonderful, may he go on to part the red sea, but for knuckle heads that can't be swayed by reason, well Pops had another saying,(jamaican accent please)" Hard ears pic-ni wi ne-yam rock stone". Translated that means children of hard hearing will eat stones. Thats what cops make delinquents eat. Thanks Pops if I forgot to say it again.

My read is that your defense of your father proves my point

about children who are abused defending their abusers and believing the abuse is deserved. It is sort of a version of the Stockholm Syndrome.

It doesn't need to be criminal brutality to be abuse. The choice a parent has to mentor his child is between force and persuasion; between commanding and guiding; between violence and reason. You are arguing that you were inherently bad or incapable of reason, and only force, command, and violence would work, and I argue that persuasion, guidance and reason work better because they do not do the psychological damage that controlling hitting does. Certainly the libertarian argument for the way we relate in society does not endorse the philosophy you espouse for child rearing. Don't children deserve the same respect, kindness, protection, and freedom from violence that we adults expect for ourselves in a free society?

When you describe yourself as nodding off when your father tried to talk to you, I could imagine someone lecturing, scolding or berating instead of having a conversation, so it is no wonder that you did not listen. It is sad that you were forced to suffer from his failure at non violent parenting.

If you are interested in an effective portrayal of the psychological mechanism involved, watch the 1974 movie, "The Night Porter" with Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


you do realize the the "stealing" she was engaged in was downloading songs from an internet site???

I hope what I'm telling you is news to you.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

No, I thought he said she stole his car. either way she did

not seem too worse for ware, after said whooping. No blood, not unconscious, seemed to have the consent of the mother. She knew the rules, seemed like their was more that happened off camera though that we weren't privy to. Maybe this was the latest in a series of ignored warnings. But I won't call him a coward, a pervert, or a monster. I don't know the family dynamics. But she walked her backside down to that living-room and slept on that sofa, knowing why she got whooped.

and once again . .

I can only hope and pray that YOU get the same treatment very soon!

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

The problem

with your rational is this was not a child. A good spanking for and adolescent is not the end of the world. What was he proving here? That there is a consequence for breaking the rules, or total humiliating, and demeaning punishment that was NOT appropriate for her age.

One day my 17 year old got mouthy,

mumbling something about why she had to do dishes, and what-evering me. I did what my dad would do! She apologised a couple days later. She sees me speaking respectfully to my parents, and would not like her children to do that to her, no Dr. Phil needed. If I saw a lack of control on the video resulting in an injury I would say he lost the plot, but like any good whooping does, she was merely frazzled, not even a sob after he left the room. What do I know, he could be the illuminati, FED, Satanist, anti-Semite Nazi barbarian sadomasochist, scum some of you cats are making him out to be. He could also be a good man trying to raise a good kid.

As much as I tend to agree

As much as I tend to agree with your view on this... what I see are totally frustrated parents who have succumbed to corporal punishment as a last resort. It's interesting how the video was being played and then put out on the internet. This young woman/child is now sixteen and apparently must want her parents indicted? embarrassed? fired? With all the family havoc being wrought in public perhaps social services will take her on and she can decide her own fate living her life without her parents. The loss will be hers. For a country who believes in Guantanamo and rendition, this slice of family life is hardly a surprise as we all become their neighborhood spies. (It's too bad they didn't opt to get rid of the internet instead)

sorry double post.


Why a spanker is a coward.

How many people go to their boss and threaten him with violence if he does not comply with a demand for a raise? How many people would threaten or attempt to commit violence against someone the size and power of Mike Tyson?

Yet some of these people who would not dare physically attack someone superior to them do not have any problem using violence against children to get what they want. It simply is a form of bullying and the act of a coward to beat on a child. It is done because some people can't control their own aggressive impulses and think they can get away with it because it is a child instead of an adult, as if it is OK to assault them.

And it does not work. All it does is allow the beater to vent his own bad feelings in a way that damages the child. It teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to get what they want. It just contributes to the development of children into unhealthy adults, some of whom pass on the violence to their own children and in extreme cases to anyone who gets in their way.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

as an adult

if you do not comply with what your boss says, you get fired. The consequences are hunger, and homelessness if you do not rectify the situation with another job.

If a child does not comply with orders it is child abuse to kick them out and make them go hungry (granted if they miss a meal for misbehaving is another subject entirely, what I am talking about is you not feeding the kid for a period of time) So instead of giving the child adult consequences you tan their hide and its over in about 20 seconds.

Fact is children need to experience things quickly because they have so much to learn. 20 seconds for spanking when they do something that could hurt them, will help them gain self control, and discipline these are wonderful things for children to learn and to retain as adults. what I cant stand is for a kid to be constrained when they do wrong, when kids are bored they are just going to find something else wrong to do. You ever heard the phrase idle hands devels work shop. Its the reason why the worst kid in school is the one who never goes to recces, he is bored so he gets in more trouble because he is not allowed to do anything and as a person he needs to do something. A quick spanking deals with this issue.

Nothing else works?

I see lots of comments on spanking as a "last resort".

Techniques that work for others may not work for you, but that's no reason to try a technique that doesn't work at all.

For those who have run out of options, might I suggest using your PC to increase your "bag of tricks".

Google "alternatives to spanking".

The best part? Some of them work better than others, but ALL of them work better than spanking. It's time for us to drop old, dis-proven, ineffective concepts that DAMAGE our kids and adopt techniques that IMPROVE our kids. Don't take your lack of knowledge out on your children!!!

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."