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Video: Cain Ties Romney for Title of Flip Flop Champ!

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I love this video

My husband and I joke around the house that "we need to focus on the problem and then make sure we have the righhhhhtt solution". That is Cain's answer to everything -because he is a businessman and not a politician. I can't believe people fall for it.

My Mom had the audacity to say "Cain has some good ideas". I have been working on her to vote for RP and she says she will, but I do not believe her. She also says Mitt is handsome (Uggghhhh).

Cain can't even come up with one regulation he would cut. He really looks more stupid than I thought in that interview. I have to hand it to Spitzer for keeping on the topic of just giving one instance of a regulation or what is the "right" number to cut in the budget.

Less Spitzer and more NRA sexual harassment

I think this was well done....not in a million years could I put these vids together so I would ask the person that put it together to update it with some of the recent sexual harassment flip flops.

This man is a compulsive liar and it is sad sad sad that he can even be mentioned as a nominee.

GREAT VIDEO!!!! I will be


I will be posting this on various message boards

People Must Have Blinders On

I can't believe more people can't see through this guy. He wants to be president but won't tell you specifics until he gets there. I guess we should trust him. Unbelievable.

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Cain should stick to being a

Cain should stick to being a preacher.

He ain't no statesman.

Or maybe do stand up comedy.



Cain Doesn't Know Much

How can Hermain Cain really be considered a candidate? Talk about beat around the bush. I am no big fan of Elliot, but seriously, Cain can't answer many questions based on his knowledge base. What is he doing running for President.

Does he really believe that he can run the country sitting in a chair and having everyone tell him everything he needs to know and then say, Okay, I pick that one.

He can't name a single regulation as asked!! Tried side talking and tried side talking his way around it. Matter of fact, he side tracks all questions, even 999.

This guy would be dangerous in the Whitehouse, and I am afraid Obama would tear him up in a debate, maybe.


It seems our best campaign strategy may just be to let the other candidates be their own worst enemy. Unfortunately the chosen one has been able to largely avoid these kinds of sticky situations since he has already been awarded the title of front runner. You would have thought with all the talk of spending cuts in previous debates that someone in the latter debates would have asked "so just what exactly do you propose cutting?"

This video backfires.....

I was with it when it quickly went back n forth on the flip flopping.... but then comes the Elliot interview. As that interview goes on, I find I hate Elliot and start to sympathize with Cain. I have seen Rand Paul deal with Elliot and you can see that Elliot is so much the political pundit that seeks to ask questions to lead it to the gotcha moment.

A much better video would be this...

Show Cain Flip....Flop = 1 point.
Show Romney Flip...Flop = 1 point.
Show Cain Flip....Flop = 1 point.
Show Romney Flip...Flop = 1 point.

And so on until we have a "winner!!!"

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you dhould make a video like that

all it could do is help our cause. Point out the flaws of the so-called front runners. Ron Paul is the real front=runner!!