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Where would YOU hold the 2012 Presidential Debates?

The rigged Presidential Debate commission selected:

October 3 @ University of Denver
October 16 @ Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY
October 22 @ Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL

Vice President:
October 11 @ Center College in Danville, KY

If you were the sole decider, Where would you locate the 4 debates? And why?

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Insipid questions that manufacture consent do not make a debate.

Dark side of the Moon.

Marianas Trench


Kyber Pass

Oh, just skip them.

Free includes debt-free!

Where is irrelevant. What's relevant in this order is:

Who's invited and what's the format?

Hulu your thursday shows in October.

October 1 @ NEW YORK UNIVERSITY in Manhattan
October 15 @ UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA in Tuscaloosa
October 22 @ UNIVERSITY OF NORTH DAKOTA in Grand Forks

Vice President:

NYU (LINCOLN DOUGLAS): Because NYU is the flagship University of New York. It boasts the largest theatre space in NYC south of Broadway and is a Premiere University. Hofstra will be getting a debate 2 years in a row, though NYU would be a better host. Its faculty includes Nobel Peace prize Winners, a great location to debate: FOREIGN POLICY.

BAMA (TOWN HALL): Because it is a major university solidly tied with the south. Ole Miss hosted in 08, and Bama would be a major boost to bringing the election debate deep into the South, both literally and figuratively. Alabama's history is mixed with race riots, hurricanes, agriculture, and factories that built Apollo Mission rockets. A great place to debate: DOMESTIC POLICY.

DAKOTA (SIT-DOWN): This state is ignored by tourists AND elections. No one spends time or money in this 3-electoral vote state and since South Dakota has Mt. Rushmore, even tourists don't venture up here. BUT N.D. has had an economic boom these past years, despite the recession, Its Deeply RED in politics but has a socialized State Bank which is EXTREMELY popular & profitable for the state. A GREAT location to debate: ALL QUESTIONS.

NACOGDOCHES (TOWN HALL): A small town in East Texas which is as far away from Dallas as it is Houston. Nacogdoches holds the distinction of being the Oldest TOwn in Texas as well as having been ruled by 9 different nations in its history. Vice Presidential Debates lean towards smaller Public schools and SFA has an enrollment of 13,000 students in a town of 30,000. East Texas is rich in Natural Resources while SFA's 2 top degree fields are healthcare & nursing. No better a location to bring the national debate right down to the people in a small town. Great place for Vice Presidents to debate: ANYTHING.

Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

The Federal Reserve, the

The Federal Reserve, the Green Zone, My front yard