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Ron Paul Daily Digest 11/03/11

UPDATED!! Ron Paul related news of the day 11/03/11....

(+) Can be positive or fair coverage
(o) Neither good nor bad
(-) Can be negative or bias coverage or omission

I did not completely review all articles. Please let me know of my ratings are off. I'm just organizing information for easy access.

++ Will GOP Candidates Embrace a Conservative Foreign Policy?
+ Ron Paul slams Herman Cain’s media coverage
+ Ron Paul: Fed’s Still in QE
+ Ron Paul continues TV domination in Iowa
+ STALKER ALERT! France's Far-Right Diva Barges Into Ron Paul's Office
+ Paul joins other lawmakers in urging the budget's supercommittee
+ The Rock the R3volution Tour Was Supposed to Galvanize Ron Paul Supporters -- Then It Fell Apart
+ Politics Counts: Changing Times in Military Communities
+ How Whisteblowers Can Revolutionize the Role of Government
+ Raw milk supporters rally around 'criminal' moms
+ Speaker to discuss ‘Blue Republican’ movement
+ Horrigan flat tax: Tax stuff that is flat
+ Students question Obama’s re-election, Republican opponents
+ Ron Hart: Gadhafi … duck! I will miss him
+ The Politics of Gold Investment

o Campaign visits, polls not in sync
o Ron Paul: I oppose 'In God We Trust' bill
o For Ron Paul supporters: Sex, drugs, and gold (Video)
o Ron Paul Fever at Zuccotti Park
o Eight GOP candidates to debate at Oakland U, including Bachmann, Cain, Romney, Gingrich
o Dump switch: GOP presidential candidates jump ship on Yucca
o Why is Michele Bachmann still around?
o Playing hide and seek with Marine Le Pen: a French presidential candidate comes to Washington
o Politicians are politely avoiding Tea Party Convention
o The historical rhyme of the GOP Presidential primary
o Republicans seeking the White House in 2012
o Gary Johnson 'the marijuana guy' takes 2012 pitch to L.A.
o Group Pushes "Nonpartisan" Third Party Ticket in '12

- Hang On: 40 Republican Members of Congress Want Tax Hikes?
- Mayor Bloomberg says White House candidates must believe in evolution, global warming
- President leads GOP candidates according to Franklin & Marshall College Poll
- TV Fanatic Staff Selection: Caroline for Sexiest Sidekick!
- Choose Obama’s Re-Election Adventure
- Mark Fiore - Zero-Zero-Zero
- Loyalty to America could be at times in short supply
- Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street

Ron Paul News from 11/02/11

Ron Paul Stops by Smokey Row in Osky
Ron Paul suggests another campaign promoted Cain scandal
Letter: This soldier supports Ron Paul for president
Ron Paul Slams Congress as debt exceeds US GDP
Homeschoolers for Ron Paul
House GOP members call for supercommittee deal with ‘revenue’
Five candidates offer ideas on strengthening U.S. manufacturing
Protesters want to see numbers grow
The Corporatocracy Is the 1 Percent
The GOP Candidates Square Off on Taxes
Bipartisan House group presses 'super committee' to 'go big'
On Halloween, Nat'l Debt Exceeds Gross Domestic Product
A Political Battle Over the Courts’ Power
The Orange County Register on Ron Paul’s $1 trillion in cuts
Republicans drawing groans on student loans
Assange's mother: Julian is one step closer to US extradition
Smack Down the Right Wing to Get Our Country Working Again
List of members of Congress and the GOP presidential candidates they endorse
The Republicans have got to get out of the way
Foreign intervention can create more problems than it solves
The Best Occupy Philly Signs

If this is helpful to the community, I'll continue to post. Unfortunately, some of the articles are negative. Let me know if you guys want this everyday. You can also run your own Google Alerts for "Ron Paul" or "Federal Reserve" or whatever.


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This is excellent. And please

This is excellent. And please don't exclude the negatives. I want to know what the enemy is thinking.

Data Collection

I would love to see the data after a few months! It would be great to have the corporate owners of the publications and how they trend in terms of RP coverage.

Good luck and GREAT WORK!

Watering the Tree of Liberty, one post at a time!

Tremendous amount of work!

I congratulate you! I get Google updates immediately at work and try to post the articles to the Daily Paul quickly. I can't tell you how many times I have posted and once saved I realize another supporter posted right before me. I guess they type and copy faster than me, but hey I am working trying to make loans to restore our economy! LOL! Anyway, thanks again, I will quit posting as much as I do.

Great post thank you

robHino,Dont mind the negatives as it gives me links to comment to the nay sayers.A Free America=a free Australia and i really luv Ron Paul and the people on this site,we have no one like him in our Democratic Dictatorship.


This looks like lots of work

But I definitely like it. Especially the "grading" system. Awesome!


This is great. By all means, if you are willing to devote
the energy to do it, please continue.

Great Idea


Had the exact same idea 3 days ago...

We are all connected... egg theory

Thanks for the post!

...And the work it took to compile it. It is appreciated.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

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We can call this thread "The PAUL Report"

This is awesome!!!

Please keep doing!!!!

Please keep doing!!!!

Hey, you made my day

Ron Paul has sure come a long way in the media when you can post a list like that. Wow!

I appreciate looking at the list, the headlines lined up are impressive.

Maybe a moderator could make this a front post every morning?

This is great....

I remember last campaign - the moderators posted everything they could get their hands on.

The pages would fly by - if you didn't log on for a day - you were two or three pages behind. It really added to the excitement - which isn't here now for some reason.

Since you are willing to do the work to review this - it would be great if you could be given a moderator status or something and get things flying on this site again.

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It might help to bundle the

negative ones or mark individually as negative: just to make sure that "visitors" to DP won't get confused & be mislead.

I agree...

I agree but, that would mean that I'd have to read everything first. For the most part I review all the articles that come in from my "Ron Paul" Google Alert, but honestly, I'm still reading some of these. The Google Alert comes in at 6:05 pm, although I could change that, and everyday there are about 45 stories. It's quite tedious to copy and paste URLS and article titles into the HTML tags. I'll try to gauge positive or negative status on today's posting later this evening. If anyone has any ideas for quicker ways to do this, I'm all ears!

Thanks for the responses! I'll do my best to keep it going, but I've got several other projects going too!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Delegation of the work

We should have a small committee assigned to rate the coverage so that is does not all fall to one person.

Watering the Tree of Liberty, one post at a time!

ytc's picture

Wow, about 45 RP stories everyday! Ron did come a long way.

Perhaps we can delete the negative ones as soon as any one of the reliable readers get to read them. I agree, we just don't have enough time to do justice to all the great projects that we start. . . on top of fulfilling family obligations and such.

But this Daily digest will be a GREAT service. (We don't really have to stretch ourselves to be "fair" to the negative ones ;-)


But we should "troll" around to make sure our message isn't misrepresented and engage the nay sayers! I could go either way on this. Whatever the community wants. If we want everything, I'll include everything. If the consensus is we only want the positives, I'll bite my tongue and follow the demand!

The issue is that the Google Alert finds ALL references of Ron Paul, even just one in the comment sections. So I have to go through them and find the reference to RP, and then quickly determine if the tone is positive or negative.

I didn't post stories that we're not interesting, were repeats, or where RP was only mentioned in the comments.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


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"Know thy enemies" is a good practice, I admit.

We need Jason Ditz (the one who reads ALL news from all around the world & digests for busy part-time Anti-war warriors ;-)

Great idea!

Great idea!

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Thank you!

This is very helpful. Thank you.

If you'd want to separate mostly positive from mostly negative coverage that would be even better.

Way to go!

One stop shopping! Love it!

Thank you!


That's a great service.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

much appreciated

much appreciated

sure, why not...

...thank you. An up-vote from here.