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Ron Paul Fever at Zuccotti Park

Not quite birds of a feather

I hear many names bandied about in Zuccotti Park, and not just at the fringes. Among the most popular are Karl Marx, Hugo Chávez, Michael Moore, Paul Ehrlich, and Dennis Kucinich. But today I heard a less predictable one spoken more widely: Ron Paul.

There are three key reasons for this, I think. The first is a good old marriage of convenience, the same sort of unholy alliance as arose in the early 20th century when Baptists and bootleggers came together to argue for the prohibition of alcohol in America. You see, Ron Paul is angry, too, and he wants to “restore” America to its old ways. The majority of Paul’s policy positions may be radically different, but much of his rhetoric is in line with Occupy Wall Street’s, particularly his anti-Hamiltonian conviction that the banks have callously denatured the United States. For many, this alone is enough to make him an ally.


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Cooke sums it up perfectly.

If you read the rest of the article it becomes clear that he points out that RP actually has almost nothing in common with the OWS zombies.
RP doesn't promote any of that class-warfare redistribution and taxation that is simply slathered all over OWS.

However, if some "RP supporters" here have their way, they'll be convincing Ma and Pa Republican voters out there that RP is some wild-eyed communist, like the nutcases at OWS.
And that will lose RP the Republican nomination, and sink his chance to be president.

From His Writings,,,

It looks like Charles C.W. Cooke has a long way to go on educating himself about Ron Paul's political policies.
Here is a start for him: