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The Fed is the 1% [Artwork]


EDIT: I'll look into making a double-sided rack card if there is an interest :)

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Please add any facts to the redesigned flier version

Please help and list any info you think should be included on the (redesigned) flier version http://www.dailypaul.com/185872

More accurately, it's...

...the 0.001% who have enslaved the 99.999%.

There are roughly 12,000 family members of the banking dynasties living today: the Rothchilds, the Morgans, the Chases, etc.

THESE are they who are the Powers That Be (PTB) who have successfully destroyed national sovereignty and the world economy, all the while causing everyone to think the cause is something other than THEM.

It's not free markets, it's not socialism, it's not communism, or any ISM, it's a well-thought out, executed plan by an oligarchy which uses socialism to centralize power.

And in America, they blame capitalism.

We need the 00.001% brought to justice. Perhaps only Jesus Christ will do this, as the devils appears to look over his holdings, with a chain in his hand, laughing at his spoils, and the misery he has caused worldwide.

Actually, the actual percentage is: 0.0001714%, for the math wizards out there.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

Big Mouths & Big Guns.

Big Money. You have listed well the top players, the banksters who control the money supply. Please add two other vital players, without their support the usurious banking system could Not operate or be protected.

Big Mouths. Who pronounce or control the Word. Right from the beginning, like schooling, so we have Chancellors of Universities with many attendants. Media moguls who control the news & views, with huge audiences. Priests who deliver sermons to huge congregations. Finally, the judges, whose words govern issues, pronounce judgements over human affairs.

Big Guns. The police chiefs, the military chiefs, who command large & organized forces, well armed, with secret agencies, who can cause pain, destruction or death, enforce the wish or will of big money or big mouth.
The 2nd & 3rd are indispensable for the 1st one.

any t shirts in the plan

Would you be making t shirts soon


double posted by accident

Wow 14,055 views

http://imgur.com/HQDzZ (view counter) I'm preparing a new version that I like a lil better, hopefully it gets as much views :D - graphic design is not my profession.


We are the unFED.

The unFED generation.


You have now mastered both word art and the gradient tool. Step two is never using them again.

DP House Rule #8

"If you have an idea, then you do it, not Michael Nystrom, not Ron Paul. You. Learn how and do it."

I have great respect for anyone who steps out and makes their poster/flyer/video etc to share.

This one turned out great!

too late for that sucka

too late for that sucka

The 1%

The 1% includes more than just "The Fed".

It includes the Koch brothers, it includes Exxon-Mobile, Halliburton, etc, it includes Goldman Sachs, Morgan-Stanley, Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and the whole corrupt Wall-Street financial system, it includes thugs like the royal Bush family, the CIA-CFR-Pentagon-MIC complex, thugs like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, it includes the Health Insurance companies, and the pharmacuetical Corporations, it includes the big U.S. Media Corporate ownership (General Electric, Viacom, etc.), it is the offshore Corporations who escape all taxation and move manufacturing jobs away from our Country.

It is this whole privileged class who are totally exempt from the rule-of-Law (they can commit murder, theft, defraud people, lie, and even torture with no accountability whatsoever), and have a red-carpet rolled out for them.

As comedian George Carlin once said:

"It's is big club. They own you, and everybody else. And you and I ain't in the big club."

--George Carlin

That's who the 1% is...the criminal class. That's what this is all about. It's time that we finally revolt, and take these people down.

None Would Survive Without Fed Monopoly Debt Notes

The debt-created System you mention, would not have been created, nor would survive today in the present form, without the Federal Reserve monopoly on Fractional-Reserve Debt Note printing, as THE enforced legal tender in the USA.

This system insures ever-exponentially-expanding government and private debt, through war, entitlements, and crony-capitalism.

That is because, mathematically, the Fed Note "Money" Supply - i.e. DEBT, MUST continually expand exponentially, OR fade to nothingness - i.e. NO DEBT = NO FED NOTE "CURRENCY" IN CIRCULATION.

Each $FRN is born as a debt - a "will-pay-later" promise of human serfdom. As such, is it NOT REAL (i.e., pre-paid) money, like gold, silver or other already-created asset.

All cumulative government and private debt must expand exponentially over time. And the Fed Banks are the usurious benefactors - through fractional-reserve, MANY times over (Banks don't make 10% on a "deposit" of real assets - they make 30 TIMES 10% ON THE REAL ASSET DEPOSIT, i.e., 300%, via frac-reserve).

Of course, the 2 fastest means to debt? Warfare and Welfare, with a minority 1% of controllers, as benefactors.

"it is the offshore

"it is the offshore Corporations who escape all taxation and move manufacturing jobs away from our Country."

why are either of those bad?

You must be kidding...

The moving of manufacturing jobs out of our own Country has destroyed our once great American manufacturing base.

America is a much weaker nation today which is now totally dependent on importing vital goods from Foreign Countries in order to survive. This also makes us dependent on those economies of Foreign Countries, rather than being a strong, self-sufficient and self-sustaining Nation (as we used to be in the old days).

It is any wonder then why jobs are much more scarce, and our whole Economy then sucks?

Clearly this is bad!

And why should there be special, corrupt Tax loopholes that encourage American Industry to be relocated -- and destroy our own job base?

Clearly you are not very bright....

economic isolationism is bad.

economic isolationism is bad. division of labor, anyone?

if china wants to make tvs for cheaper than an american wants to make tvs, this is a GOOD thing, not bad.

Hello McFly?

Nope. Americans are not trying to make more expensive Tvs. No, that's not it pal.

The executives of these Corporations have just decided to exploit cheap foreign labor, and gut American jobs and perform the manufacturing in Foreign Nations. The workers had no say in those awful decisions. They just lost their jobs.

Whole Industries have just disappered in this Country.

America used to be #1 in Electronics
America used to be #1 in retail supplies
America used to be #1 in automobiles
America used to be #1 in industrial materials
America used to be #1 in employment
America used to be #1 in wages

That's all been taken away. Instead:

CEOs (alone) got rich.
American workers lost their jobs!
Poverty has soared in this Country!

You're as dumb as a bag of rocks if you applaud this self-destructive trend.

And no it is not "isolationism" to have a strong, manufacturing base (as it used to be), Industries that actually make things (rather than buy and resell them), and a full-employment economy.

Get a clue!

to much msnbc. go watch

to much msnbc. go watch schiff at OWS.

if an alien race came down

if an alien race came down and gave us a machine that instantly produced free appliances, cars, houses... effectively putting anyone in these industries out of work, would this be a good thing or a bad thing?

think it through.

The Corporatocracy Is the 1 Percent.

The Corporatocracy are those specific corporations that have as their major “customer”¬, the Federal Government¬. If a “private” corporation lost its Federal “customer”, and if that would spell immediate bankruptcy, then what we are looking at is NOT a real “Free Market” corporation such as Apple, what we are looking at is what amounts to a “gov-company”, such as Bechtel, JP Morgan Chase, Halliburton. It is these “gov-companies” that circle around our Federal & State Governments and infiltrate them in a revolving door fashion and write & use legislation to their best advantage, not necessarily the American People's best advantage. These gov-companies are not in the public’s long term best interests. They are not in the long term best interests of the Free Market or in the interests of decentralized power in a free society. These gov-companies are what we call "the Corporatocracy" that surrounds Washington.

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great artwork...and on the mark!

Thanks for the png!

END the FED before it ENDS US

Now That's Cool






"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

this is great!

and i posted it to facebook. hope you don't mind. :)
if you do, i'll take it down.

Please share it!! ....for

Please share it!! ....for LIBERTY!!!!!


Its strange to think that all of this that is happening will go down in history and the pictures and stuff like this will be viewed later. Just as we view those pics from 1912 with the fed and its tentacles in everything.

rp campaign ad on fed

glad to see some mktg material on federal reserve finally. are there some people who can put together some video samples of a rp campaign ad about the fed and rp as its strongest critic and rp's efforts to audit and how he has been the lead candidate on this issue that is affecting 99%?

will rp campaign agree to air such ads as they are good marketing material to actually WIN the race?