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The Human Toll of the U.S. Drone Campaign

By Glenn Greenwald

The principal reason so little attention is paid to the constant victims of American violence in the Muslim world is because the U.S. Government refuses to disclose anything about these attacks and media outlets virtually never report on those victims (MSNBC demoted and then fired its then-rising-star Ashleigh Banfield when she returned from Iraq and pointed out that fact in an April, 2003 speech denouncing the “one-sided” coverage of American wars: meaning, the invisibility in U.S. media of America’s civilian victims). It’s easy to cheer for a leader who regularly extinguishes the lives of innocent men, women, teenagers and young children when you can remain blissfully free of hearing about the victims. It’s even easier when the victims all have Muslim-ish names and live in the parts of the Muslim world we’ve been taught to view as a cauldron of sub-human demons. That’s why it’s periodically worth highlighting the actual impact of those drones and the actual people they kill...


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This is what happens when you

This is what happens when you don't have freedom of the press. The media is forbidden to go into the Pashtun tribal areas and can only cover this under the closely watchful eye of the US military, thuis turning a once free press into a ministry of propaganda. As long as they can classify just about anything and as long as there is no transparency then this wil continue.

ecorob - God has a sense of humor and irony . . .

the drones are controlled by computer code I assume
heaven knows noone ever hacks computer code huh?
what happens when someone paid a large amount of money by our enemies who doesnt like the US, figures out how to control these drones?

The US may die by these swords we are living by now.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I put up a topic on this...

...a couple of weeks ago, which got pretty much ignored.

Maybe more righteous outrage would ensue if it was known that it isn't just the "bad guys/them" who get blasted by these things....


Article clipped in that topic...


It's hard to be helpless

and watching on the sidelines while these atrocities go on and on. It makes me feel guilty about every neocon I haven't managed to convert.

ecorob's picture

wanna know the ONLY difference between the nazis of 1938-1945

...and the american political drone warfare of the 21st century?

they took pictures of the nazis!

still, these drones kill and produce unpublicized atrocities
but hold on my fellow patriots of America, God and karma see everything

i, personally believe karma will come back against us threefold for our "government's" actions

and i DONT FREAKIN" like it!

i don't like it because the same people that were in charge of it then are in charge of it now

the names will all seem to run together, don't they?

bush = himmler

rumsfeld = eichmann

murdoch = goebbels

i pray we can save our country, i pray our country doesn't accept more of the same in 2012...prayer never ends but peace will end for everyday Americans if they refuse to own their States and their country

Ron Paul
he is our only hope

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Out of sight, out of mind

When, finally, the pictures come out, the shock will be similar to what the Germans must have felt upon seeing the mountains of corpses at the death camps, or what the Soviets felt when they learned about the Gulag.

It might actually be worse for the U.S.

I can't believe the antiwar sentiment that helped get BHO

in the White House has apparently disappeared.

How is it that so many people who were outraged about Bush's wars, torture, and compulsive lying are now accepting the same unthinkable actions under BHO?

That's the strangest thing I ever saw.

As usual in America, partisan

As usual in America, partisan loyalty and hatred of "the other side" trumps principles. Turns out they weren't really anti-war, just anti-republican war.