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I like your shirt

This morning as I was leaving the gym with my RP2012 shirt I opened a door to a lady and she said "I like your shirt". I asked if she was a supporter and she said she was. I asked her if she was a strong supporter and she said she was torn between Paul and Cain until the sexaul harrassment thing came out and now she's made up her mind.

Gave her her own t-shirt and a yard sign.

How many have you converted today?

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I was a little disappointed with the lack of reactions to my Ron Paul shirt in Nyc for a full day on my birthday. I had one gentleman trying to sell something on the street say 'hey I like that guy' so who knows the validity of that and then I passed by a nice outdoor seating restaurant and an older man brought up Ron Paul to his wife as I passed but I could not tell if it was positive discussion. What hurts is I spent a whole day in the city at numerous bars, shows, etc. AND I think I own one of the nicer looking Ron Paul 2012 shirts out there. Oh well tomorrow is another day..will post any more reactions that I get.

keep it up

keep educating. this is the thing which will make the difference. forget the MSM, let them do what they want to do, we need real educated supporters, not those who just want to play a game of elections. be polite, be assertive and keep getting more supporters for RP.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Bravo! Good teaching.

I too have handed out many RP buttons, stickers slim-jims etc.

Yard signs are next.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


Did you score?.....(just messin' around.):D

Don't lose that loving feeling :-)

Great story!! Thanks for Sharing!!

I just wanted to let all of you know how Inspiring it is to read all of these stories. This is the Reason why I am a part of this. Before I heard of Ron Paul, I was introduced to the "Lord of the Rings" and was hooked. The strongest virtues I felt in that story was Love,Freedom and Fellowship. I believe these three Virtues are the core of the this movement. When I heard Ron Paul also using "Lord of the Rings" analogies in his speeches, It really made me smile. I Love how this movement has brought people together and has opened up a dialogue. During these discussions with people, at the surface it might sound like usual politics but if you listen, you will find that the majority of the time it revolves around Love,Freedom and Fellowship. So I ask all of you to remember this, no matter how the election goes. That if we take what we have learned and how we did become the change we wanted to see. We all won the day we decided to make this a permanent part of our Constitution. As long as we hold to this, this road will go ever on and on. Cheers

Now one of my Ron Paul stories is, My wife and I were moving into a new apartment and had just pulled up in separate vehicles that have RP bumper stickers on them. That day I also had on my old RP 2008 Hoodie. After we got out, we noticed a interesting looking fellow walking across his yard towards us. Long black curly hair and a full beard to match, all dressed from head to toe in a black robe. I immediately guessed this must be one of our new neighbors. Knowing that he was obviously now focused on us we also started towards him and met at the picket fence that divides our yards. The first thing that happened was a handshake and a welcoming to the neighborhood and he introduced himself as Father Nick. Secondly he noticed that my wife was pregnant and congratulated us and said "good for you". Thirdly he pointed at our Ron Paul bumper stickers and smiled and said "Good for US" Nick and his family have been a blessing to have as neighbors. Plus of course it's great to have a diehard Paul supporter living next door :-)

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Your Neighbor

By the description of your neighbor, he sounds like he is an Orthodox Christian priest. ;0) I too am an Orthodox Christian and an ardent Ron Paul supporter. I actually learned about Ron Paul indirectly through my faith. I was searching for Orthodox members of Congress and discovered Justin Amash. It was through his facebook page that I learned about Ron Paul. He has already come out and publicly supported Ron.

I urge all of you to go to Justin Amash's facebook page or twitter and start supporting him as well. He and Rand are the next generation of freedom fighters.

Russian Orthodox

Yes he is a priest at the Russian Orthodox Church two doors down from us. He is a very interesting fellow. He and my 21 year old step son have become great friends through their love of the WOW video game. I will be sure to check out Justin Amash. Thanks for the heads up.

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

Shirts and HAT

Got a compliment (and a chuckle) at the dairy today, while sporting my Ron Paul 2008 hat, with 12 written over the 08!

Had fun at the Halloween parade...the Liberty Tax folk were
handing out the hot chocolate...was sportin' my I Support Ron Paul shirt. The woman that gave me the drink was ALL FOR RP. Another guy wanted to talk trash...the boss yanked him inside..."No politics on Halloween!"


You two gym rats

will be sitting on the couch watching Romney debate Obama if we don't get delegates! :)
Do phone banking!It is the best way to help RonPaul now. The Iowa Caucus is 60 days away!!
The link is the FAQ for the phone banking!



how about this:

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The best part

Is that it is sparking conversation amongst people who used to walk by each other looking down or at their ipods or their phones or something. Yahoo People are Talking again :)

I am guilty of this I used to walk by just like everyone else, now conversations are happening and it is awesome!

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I was thinking about making a second sticker that goes beneath RP stickers that says:

It's not just a candidate,
It's a movement.
Ask me for your sticker.

I have quite a few stickers from 2008, that don't say 2008 on them. (they do, but only very fine campaign print across the bottom.)

Bumper Stickers and T-Shirts

Are good but we need people to show up on caucus night or this will all be over in February! Delegates and voting in primaries is the key to victory. Our goal should be to educate these supporters on the importance on showing up. Gather names and phone numbers to and follow up and remind people to show up. Host parties or gatherings on primary nights after people vote or car pool to primary location. We need people to do more than like Ron Paul, we need them to spend the time and become a delegate. Educate yourself on your state's primary process and educate the other Ron Paul supporters you meet.

rock my RP 2012 Sticker on my Cobra

2003 Red Mustang Cobra Convertable... a car that traditionally doesn't get political stickers placed on it.

That should turn some heads.


On my 2001 Red Camaro Convertible I have a front license plate that says Ron Paul. A 6x8 magnet on each side that says Ron Paul 2012. 2 bumper stickers on the back and my state license plate that says "L1B3RTY" I love the honks, stares, and smiles I get driving around and then the questions from the car next to me at stop lights.



Neoconservative Uncle - Almost Flipped

Made a very telling comment about Israel today and when I pointedly told him that he was taking Ron Paul's position on the subject, he begrudgingly acceded that he agreed. This is a MAJOR breakthrough for him.

Cain is dead now...One of The Accusers got $45,000 Bucks..Ha.

I created a blog on Daily Paul forums citing Politico as the source for reporting this story, published by Johnathan Martin. Apparently, one of the 3 woman got a payoff of least $45,000 bucks for starters..Go to : http://www.politico.com/

Cain is done. His campaign has backed off of Perry now..Ha!

Connecting shirt to bumper sticker

A lady was just getting out of her car and noticed my Ron Paul shirt as I was walking up to mine and commented that she noticed my bumper sticker and knew, when she saw my shirt, that would be my car!

Now, that lady is awake and paying attention!

She said she likes him a lot and will be voting for him. I told her where she can buy a shirt and sticker for herself.


I need a high quality RP running tank top for the Eugene Marathon in the spring. Anyone making them?

Best bumper sticker this week:


Maybe an old one but first time I have seen it.

You can make a custom one here:


Or... you could ask Michael Nystrom to add a tank top option in the Paul-Mall (link above).

My favorite bumper sticker this week (other than RP ones): LOVE WINS

Was Her Height Around Your Chin??


I wear mine all the time.

Before Ron Paul announced that he'd run for President again, I wore a shirt that simply read "Ron Paul" with the Revolution logo under it. People commented on it all the time. Most were positive comments.

Yesterday, I wore it and ran a bunch of errands. A cashier at a gas station asked where he could get one. Another guy walked past me and said, "I'm not voting anymore but if I did, Ron Paul would get my vote." I talked with him and gave my number in hopes that we'll talk before the election so I can convince him to vote one last time.

I bumped into a young girl at the grocery store and she dropped a gallon of milk. I felt terrible and apologized, offering to run to the bathroom to get a few wet paper towels. She was livid until she looked down at my shirt and smiled really big, saying "Go Ron Paul!"

Supporters are everywhere. People that I had no idea even had a remote interest in politics open up when I wear the shirt. It's beautiful.

If you have a shirt, wear it often!!! Don't argue with people who give you negative comments and try not to convert somebody with deep issues. Keep it simple, listen to their concerns, and then reach out to them on the one thing you both agree. If you let somebody talk long enough, you'll find something that you both agree on. Ron Paul said at the Rally for the Republic not to waste time on disagreements.. Find that one thing you both have in common and go from there. It works most of the time!

awesome story!

After what happened last night with me ( see post Ron Paul supporters are everywhere!) I really have a good feeling this time around with Dr. Paul's support.

I'm glad of course that this

I'm glad of course that this lady has converted, but it still boggles me how for some people it comes down to either Paul or Cain, two candidates with absolutely opposing standpoints on all the key issues. It appears, for the most part, people are still completely clueless on what Paul's presidency truly stands for and why his nomination is absolutely crucial for this republic's restoration.

Great article, btw, by Tom Woods about Cain.

you're giving Americans ...

too much credit. That's why Dr. Paul should ( somehow some way ) choose Jesse Ventura for VP. American voters ... are simple.

Oh also the grocery store.

Hubby often wears Ron Paul T shirts and get questions and has had many request for bumper stickers from customers and cashiers who talk with him. The people that take the groceries to the jeep also speak with him about his bumper stickers end up requesting them too. We need to get more bumper stickers! His co workers are also catching on. He is doing a great job everywhere he goes. He is usually a very quiet man, but he never misses a chance to spread the message. I am so proud of him :)

heart warming story

posting on Twitter for others.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

tshirt & coozie

I like going to my local watering holes and wear one of my tshirts and use my official coozie. Folks with drinks in front of them are usually sitting still long enough for a chat, and its the perfect opportunity to speak with the staff about the taxed tips issue.

When the State Fair

Came to our area we wore our Ron Paul shirts 2 days that we went and had many compliments on them and many started conversations with us. I am pretty sure we converted a few and a couple more we definitely going to check him out ! One Cain suppoter was pleasant but stubborn, but since then some of the things he was saying in support have ..ehem changed.. so I think he may be looking at Ron Paul more seriously by now. He didn't seem to be anti Paul or completely stupid.
Needless to say our time at the Fair was probably as much if not more a Ron Paul event than enjoying the fair. None the less a great time :)