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the dirty little secret about Wisconsin's new concealed carry law


A quote from Milwaukee's police chief concerning the new concealed carry law in WIsconsin:

"I'm not going to ask them to let somebody get the drop on them(his officers). I ask everybody that intends to get a permit to think very carefully about responding to police officer commands and doing so in a safe and timely way so that we don't have any unnecessary casualties."

Sounds a little paranoid to me. This is the same guy who said he wanted his officers to take down any citizen that was practicing the legal right of open carry and figure out later if they were carrying the weapon legally.

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Gov smashed union...union fought back

but they hurt innocents...thinking reckless terrorism is appropriate pay back.

Innocents SHOULD get guns in this environment to stop the random mob attacks. There's no way I'd walk around there without a gun.

This might have escalated union folk getting guns.

Thus, the police chief got nervous and said what he said.

I live in Milwaukee and I

I live in Milwaukee and I have to say, this is probably the right thing to do. If you're following the law and you do as instructed by police then you have nothing to worry about. You guys need to understand that in Milwaukee county there is a lot of gun violence in the city. Besides, Milwaukee is a very small part of Wisconsin. The majority if Wisconsin is rural and whatever the Milwaukee county police have to say won't matter out there.

It's very difficult

for anybody on the Left to understand anything except total domination and tyranny.
It's part of the Leftist mind, and they have a hard time accepting that someone might be free to live their lives without all-encompassing Leftist domination.