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California Chaos, Lead at Drudge

Chaos in California is Drudge's lead, and he has other links to stories at the left top of the page. Police, according to the lead story, are blaming a group of anarchists who all dressed in black. The L.A Times reports that, at 2 am., there were calls by some of the protesters to "Remain non-violent." They also chanted, "We are Scott Olsen.", a reference to a Vietnam Vet who was hit by a police projectile last week. When some self-described anarchists broke windows and sprayed graffiti, Occupy activists scrubbed the walls of a Wells-Fargo branch, and placed cardboard over a broken window. The cardboard sign read,"We are better than this."


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"We are better than this"

Unfortunately, SOME of us "are better than this", while SOME get paid to not be better.

I have a feeling the Democratic Party is about to deliver their own "Shock and Awe", since their alegence is to the UN and not the US Constitution.