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"They're called LIBERTARIANS"

CATO has a new website, libertarianism.org.

I love this:

LIBERTY. It’s a simple idea, but it’s also the linchpin of a complex system of values and practices: justice, prosperity, responsibility, toleration, cooperation, and peace. Many people believe that liberty is the core political value of modern civilization itself, the one that gives substance and form to all the other values of social life. THEY’RE CALLED LIBERTARIANS.

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Either it Makes Sense

Or it doesn't.

Don't let the in-fighting stop you from finding truth.

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In these dangerous times it

In these dangerous times it is unwise to alienate allies because of piddling differences and petty squabbles years past. No one is perfect. Collectivizing all of CATO or all of Reason Magazine is hardly productive. We should be building coalitions as Ron suggests.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Beware of the CATO

Beware of the CATO Institute... it's funded by the Koch bros. Mises is where it's at.


What's wrong with the Koch bros?

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."




In short they stabbed Rothbard in the back and tried to destroy the Mises Institute.

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Cato is a phony libertarian institute

don't be fooled.


How is it phony?

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Have you read the articles on Cato?

Spend a few hours on Cato and you will understand why there is such opposition from many DailyPaulers. Try and search for a major topic such as "health care."

You will find practically nothing of value. In fact, if you are like me, you will find yourself actually disagreeing with articles! "Phony" is a good description.

I learned my lesson about Cato when I tried to write an article in graduate school a few years ago about "Obamacare." My hours spent on Cato were completely worthless.


cool link. Ron Paul 2012! Because Freedom Matters !