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With what Herman Cain has in his past he was very careless and disrepectful to Republicans by running and should now drop out!

It's now time for Herman Cain the con man to drop out and go away and stop hurting the Republican party with his lies!

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Please NO more women!

Every time a new woman pops up, Cain's poll numbers rise.
Its him vs the media.
If this continues, he could WIN Iowa and South Carolina.
Cain is being seen as the victim here.

In a general election this would be doom. Not in a primary.

I can't believe Cain is in such a strong position only 2 months out of Iowa.

Another one and probably the last one. Cain's now toast.


One thing the GOP and its

One thing the GOP and its voters MUST consider about Cain...if you vote for the man, and he wins the nomination, how many more women will come forward at the worst possible time?

Cain is damaged goods. If he wins the republican nomination, it will effectively sign, seal and deliver America over to the United Nations because Obama would destroy Cain.

84% of African Americans vote democrat. Cain loses.

Cain's take on illegal immigration by building an electrified fence wipes away the entire Latino vote as well, along with many moderates and independents whom find such an idea to be repugnant.

Obama vs. Cain would make Reagan vs. Mondale look close.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

The Republican Party likes liars!


"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


Calling Newt !!

... we need a new front-runner...

... as long as you don't have any morality issues in your closet...

I'd sure like to know who put

I'd sure like to know who put Herman Cain up to running for president. He's making a fool of himself and a joke of the Republican Party. I think Rachael Maddow (ugh) has it right with her description of this guy.

Herman Cain should run 3rd party or Indie.


I think he could do it! I

I think he could do it! I really do! Maybe they'll ask him tonight in the debate "Mr. Cain, if you don't win the nomination tonight, will you consider a third party run?"

I mean the expression "pizza party" is just begging to be used here.

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I now think Vermin is Done!

Romney is not a globalist and the NWO can not trust him. Cain blew himself up.

Now that idiot Grinch is telling the press that it is between him and Rummy. Are you kidding? I haven't met one stupid S.O.B. dumb enough to vote for Grinch.

The only way Grinch wins is if there is massive vote fraud and we can not allow this..

Are you kidding me? Romney is

Are you kidding me? Romney is the NWO. They're just trying to figure out who to narrow the field with to make it look like a contest.

Does that mean the NWO will try to bolster The Newt Grinch next?

I believe the NWO is running out of GOP presidential shills to sell to the American public. Do you think they will bring in someone else if the current ones all fade?





one thing

"Romney is not a globalist and the NWO can not trust him."

Don't know about that. Because from what I've seen, Romney looks out for Romney, and he's the kind of guy who's willing to play ball with some high-level scumbags.

Yeah I know he's not really part of any powerful inner circles, but IMO he'd go right along with the status quo.

He *is* the banker's choice, after all.

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Is an outsider elite that wishes he was a part of the inner elite. He is the new royalty that has to prove to the old blooded royalty he is one of them.

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"we can not allow this.."

How will we not allow this?

I think the truth will out and it will all take care of itself

Cain should be toast now.